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Happy Christmas Greetings

  • Author: Administrator
  • Date: 20.12.13

The Patches Scrolls Team




The first website patch is now available

  • Author: Administrator
  • Date: 19.09.13

The first bugfix release for our site is now online. Since not all of the planned features are live and quite a lot of behind-the-scenes work is still left, this design is still a beta.

Most of the changes were internal, lessening our workload when adding/editing game pages and other content.

Notable changes which affect you:
- demo index listings are now correctly displayed
- a proper 404 "page not found" page
- a few files were not downloadable in the new design
- popup window when download starts was not working all the time
- long game urls were often cut short
- system requirements and PEGI & USK rating are now displayed when available
- descriptions for demos , mods, etc. are now listed
- page loading speed was improved

Welcome to new Patches Scrolls

  • Author: Administrator
  • Date: 27.08.13

After being in the making for years - quite literally, the first artwork was drawn in mid 2009 - a new design is finally online.

Please remember that this is still in beta.


We have a LOT of new features in the pipeline and given that we had to migrate 20 years of grown content there might be some quirks we hadn't thought of even though we have been working nonstop for almost 12 months now.

Enjoy the new design, enjoy the extended content and please give us feedback on what works and what does not.

The Patches Scrolls Team