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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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Patch 9.9 Beta 2

Author: Administrator Date: 12.11.17 System:

(+) Denotes changes only available if you play the game with Plus-Edition Features.


v9.9                                                     11.11.2017


+Provided shortcuts to skip most endgame fighting, see walkthrough.

+Added beheading blood and restored props to Chateau and junkyard.

+Improved rotate camera movement setup and SDK, thanks to Psycho-A.

+Restored Vision of Death and Suicide damages and Aggravated Soak.

+Added door trap to warrens shortcut and improved museum fire exit.

+Fixed casting hands, feeding histories and Pearl of Dubai effect.

+Restored Yukie animations, missing ambient schemes and Chang jump.

+Fixed bugs with Trip's drug and Gary's fleshy ball poster quests.

+Improved title menu and character sheet clan symbols, thanks IanW.

+Activated Gallery light switch and fixed menu particles time lag.

+Created homosexual history for all clans and adjusted intro scene.

+Made Venture Tower song Malkavians only and fixed licences issue.

Fixed Hannah's appointment book date and other minor text details.

Hid map bugs in SM hubs, clinic, Society, Luckee Star and others.

Fixed blueblood, Lily, Bertram, Yukie, LaCroix and thug dialogues.

Corrected hand and sound of Nines intro cutscene, thanks DLLullu.

Restored basic pistol ammos and fixed tutorial bug, thanks Malkav.

Fixed incorrect Lotus Blossom location on Chinatown busstop maps.

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