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Dungeons 2

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Kalypso Media
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28.04.2015; 24.04.2015 (Steam)
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DLC A Chance of Dragons

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

The Dungeon Lord scoffs at the “threat” of mere dragons, until its revealed that an immense treasure is being kept out of his evil grasp by a horde of dragons and their Smaug-sized leader!

In the new DLC add-on, 'A Chance of Dragons,' devious dragons are infiltrating the world of Dungeons 2. The dragons have entrenched themselves in an old castle and you must summon your evil might to face the oncoming threat of a dragon invasion. In three all new skirmish missions you must push forward into the dragon’s castle stronghold, hunt magical dragon eggs, face off against powerful mages and finally, challenge a dragon of immeasurable power and might to restore your evil dominion across the land. And of course - win massive, massive amounts of treasure.

With over 10 hours of gameplay across three fiery missions, 'A Chance of Dragons' brings a whole new set of enemies and challenges to even the most seasoned of Dungeon Lords.

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