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Wings over Flanders Fields - Platinum Edition

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OBD Software
OBD Software
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    “WOFF PE” is a NEW EXPANSION for Wings Over Flanders Fields Ultimate Edition (WOFF UE). You need to own WOFF UE.

    The immersion bar is raised higher, with its specially crafted improvements to add more excitement, more in depth campaigns and immersive encounters. It adds well over 40 improvements and features to the base WW1 simulator WOFF UE (which is required).

    Highlights include extensive campaign changes to allow more involvement of the player in the action - superb improved scenery looks better than ever, campaign interface improvements and much more.

    Of the 80+ aircraft in WOFF there are around 60 fighters. We have upgraded these fighter cockpits with new animated guns and other visual improvements. Sometimes when jammed you will see the gun levers sometimes trying to move and you can attempt to unjam and watch the levers unlock if successful.