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The Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure

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Circle of Eight MOD 8.0.0 for New Content Version

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

Co8 8.0.0

- Restored tutorial.
- Restored credits.
- Removed new content endgame movie and replaced it with endgame slide.
- Changed new content method to end game to a 'retirement notice' rather than through Brother Smyth.
- Reverted worldmap operation to previous version, with Hickory Branch and Welkwood Bog having clickable map icons. This should alleviate the early buggy appearance of Imeryds Run as a known location.
- Fixed party pool UI and craft wondrous items UI issues of overlapping text by reverting to Arial font.
- Truncated all item creation names so they fit in bounding box and don't bug crafting.
- Fixed print overlay issue in character creation UI.
- Abbreviated Chaotic Neutral and Lawful Neutral alignment names so they don't run outside bounding boxes in character creation UI.
- Fixed syntax bug in help.tab that caused system instability.
- Fixed an internal flag error with the new XP script.
- Revamped spiritual weapon fix added - most AIs will now ignore Spiritual Weapons, summoned creatures, and Otiluke's Resilient Sphere.
- Fixed Scorching Ray for Weapon Focus: Ray.
- Fixed Divine Favor for higher levels.
- Fixed prices for the major rings and alchemical items.
- Made moathouse giant frogs and courtyard bandits trigger each other, so you don't get to kill them one at a time.
- Fixed bug where Lareth would join the party if you took his diary from the dresser and then talked to him.
- Tweaked Level 1 harpy encounter.
- Made ghouls near the gelatinous cube rush in to aid the harpies on Level 1.
- Made it so ogre will join the gnolls near the southern entrance on Level 1.
- Made it so Romag's troops will join the fight if you attack him.
- Made Earth Temple Guards trigger the Earth Temple Fighters in the nearby room.
- Tweaked the script for the earth chests near the altar.
- Made the Earth Temple guards at the altar attack you if you desecrate the altar or steal from the chests.
- Made it so that Water Temple won't regroup if you're working for Belsornig.
- Made the prison guards that Belsornig asks you to kill not disappear.
- Enhanced the big bugbear fight on Temple level 2.
- Revamped Iuz's AI.
- Improved Moathouse Respawn nightwalker by reducing CR, adding free fear effect and two quickened Unholy Blights, fixing DCs and effect durations, prebuffing with See Invisibility, increasing Concentration skill, and setting Power Attack to +5. (NC)
- Reworked Moathouse Respawn witch spells and AI. (NC)
- Fixed faction issue with Hickory Branch crypt snakes. (NC)
- Appended break free strategy to Hickory Branch melee troops. (NC)
- Removed Slavers and Gremlich movies and remade them as slides. (NC)
- Fixed lingering bug with evidence incrementation on Boroquin in What Lies Beneath quest. (NC)
- Fixed bug where you were charged regional patrol dues upon entering Verbobonc exterior from any interior map. (NC)
- Removed Hextor movie and remade it as slides. (NC)

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