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The Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure

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Circle of Eight MOD 8.0.1 for Standard Version

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Co8 8.0.1

- Added ability to loot enemies in LG and NG vignettes.
- Removed ioun stones particle effects except for when they are on a critter so they won't animate in a merchant's box.
- Fixed zombie float text lines.
- Added ability to set starting gold to vanilla 500 in the shopmap via the standard equipment chest.
- Fixed bug where merchant's scale destroyed eyeglasses in Rannos and Gremag's inventory box.
- Added skull destruction timeout contingency to the global scheduling system.
- Fixed bug where Lareth would escort you to ogre cave instead of broken tower.
- Fixed bug where broken tower wizard fired only two magic missiles.
- Added temple shortcut mod, which allows you to 'map' temple as you go and travel quickly through known locations.
- Fixed bug with Temple Level 2 bugbear room flanking script.
- Added Earth Temple to Reactive Temple mod.
- Fixed bug where Verbobonc would not be added to worldmap during new content initiation routine after killing/banishing Zuggtmoy. (NC)
- Fixed bug where you would get a retirement notice every time you checked notices in Verbobonc. (NC)
- Added Abiram, Absalom, and Achan runoff-to-arrest-Darlia routines to the global scheduling system. (NC)
- Fixed bug that caused Absalom to not talk and run other scripts. (NC)
- Fixed bug where killing gremlich would not grant xp. (NC)
- Tweaked sectoring and door placement in Golden Bullseye shop to allow party to get out easily. (NC)
- Gave Gunter Gladstone Improved Uncanny Dodge feat per RAW. (NC)
- Reworked the Robin encounter scheduling. (NC)
- Fixed faction bug with Sergeant Boonthag outside Hickory Branch cave. (NC)
- Repositioned Captain Krunch and Lieutenant Ruff further from friendly mobs on Hickory Branch exterior to lessen chance of them joining nearby combats. (NC)
- Made lich phylactery mute. (NC)

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