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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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The Final Nights 1.2

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

Bug Fixes
- Fixed "Surfside" reference in Lilly's diary, Therese and Newscaster dialogue
- Dirty Cop .VCD file too long
- Readjusted supernatural values for targeted disciplines
- Created VCD files for Blood Dolls and Prostitutes
- First visit to Santa Monica will display loading tip about brandishing weapons
- Reworked Daimoinon 3: Conflagration so that it damages supernaturals more
- Reworked Daimoinon 4: Infernal Servitor so that it effects supernaturals
- Presence no longer affects allied enemies on bloodhunt map
- Serpentis claws auto equip upon changing and use Unarmed feat instead of Melee feat
- Daimoinon firey hands use Unarmed feat instead of Melee feat
- Santa Monica Pier lights no longer show through walls
- Fixed Pyramid quest where refusing Strauss failed the quest twice
- Fixed downtown CDC guys not leaving after Pestilence quest
- Fixed Venture tower debris not appearing in the street downtown
- Purchasing masquerade redemptions from Silvia Black works properly
- Fixed Santa Monica warehouse ambient music
- Turn down particle effects for the Shade by 25%
- Heavy Cloth armor picture now displays correctly
- Sneaking past first shovelhead in tutorial is much easier

New Content
- Added Female Baali to PC list
- Street civilians sighting a Samedi will summon Police
- Street cops sighting a Samedi will attack immediately
- Shop civilians sighting a Samedi will run in fear but will not summon Police
- Shop security sighting a Samedi will attack immediately
- Rebalanced Samedi merit/flaw system
- Rebalanced Baali merit/flaw system
- Street cops will run in fear if player uses supernatural 3 (or higher) disciplines
- All sewers use the same eerie ambient music
- Made bloodloss timer based on Humanity and Stamina score
- Mentioned new bloodloss timer in tutorial pop ups and added to humanity description
- Put Jack upstairs in Last Round if you are Samedi
- Put Larry near abandoned hospital if you are Samedi
- Bypass speaking to bums on Plague Bearer quest if you are Samedi
- Pier Arcade hooker/customer NPCs replaced by video game player NPCs if you are Samedi
- Created "Fang of Vukodlak" occult item for Unarmed feat characters, sold by Regent
- Created new patrol path for pier cop
- Added rats to basement of Ocean House Hotel
- Brother Kanker reskinned
- SM Blue Blood now has a car that leaves when he does
- Moved Hollywood net cafe computer to the back
- Moved Ming's conversation in alley near Bradbury Hotel

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