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Divinity: Dragon Commander

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Larian Studios
Larian Studios
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3D vision Patch

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

- 2D Shadows
- Lights (specular and diffuse)
- Skybox and sunlight
- 2D Fog
- Water reflections

- Dynamic cross-hair
- Presets:
-- "L" toggles between two convergence settings (2 and 140) useful for the ship scenes, flying around etc
-- "J" toggles to a high convergence setting for real time battle overhead view
-- "K" toggles dynamic crosshair on and off

- Cross-hair: this is dynamic but also a bit 'empirical' since the depth map I used was not a 'scene depth map' and did not change depth when moving about over the maps. It works well for the two "L" key convergence presets, but not for the high convergence "J" preset. I could fix this but in this particular view the reticule is just not that useful.

- HUD: I made no changes to the HUD specifically, since I was unable to separate textures from the crosshair, hence I provide the ability to toggle the crosshair off "K". I do also use a bounding box around the cross hair so any anomalies are minimal.

Known Issues:
- I noticed late in the day that the Skirmish map "Golem Caves" has some lighting issue - as you fly towards the robot statue things they suddenly become a uniform yellow kind of colour.  This may also happen in other levels, but I did not see it.  I know where to look to solve this and will do so in time.  Please put a comment in the blog if you see anything else.

Thanks to eqzitara for (a) identifying the original installation issue (b) spending significant time subsequently to help me test the installation solution.
Thanks to PirateguyBrush for feedback on the installation, leading to the updated installer.
Real Time Strategy meets Dragons.  I've not yet played it that much, but it does look nice and runs relatively well, though on Ultra settings it gives my 2x GTX 570 SLI a beating down to about 40 FPS.  I did notice that the SLI did not work in 2D mode, though both cards were definitely working in 3D mode.  When I manualy added the game to the Control Panel 3D Settings tab to make some adjustments to AA and AF I noticed an improved performance in game.

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