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In Memoriam Bernd Wolffgramm

Author: Administrator Date: 02.02.15 Language:

Today we have some rather personal news to post here.
It is with deep regret that we have to post the passing of Bernd Wolffgramm, founder of DLH.net and more recently PR manager for Topware.
I have met Bernd back in university when he asked me whether his small DOS programm called DLH98, a collection of cheats, could be offered for download on our public FTP.
Since we already offered a couple similar programs and being an avid gamer myself in need of such tools, I agreed.

From then on Bernd kept on helping out with news about new game patches. He was the one who arranged the first incarnation of The Patches Scrolls under its own domain and kept it online
through the troublesome years which were later to be called "The New Economy bubble" and helped again with finding an advertising contract which would enable us to finance our own server and hire contractors to do the actual server maintenance, webdesign & coding when I had grown tired of doing everything myself next to my regular job and was about to scrap the entire site for good
The site had at that time already grown large enough to require somebody to work on it full-time but not large enough to live from adsense income alone, so I was very happy to step down from my usual 12-16h workdays which often enough ended way past midnight and more often than not took the better part of my weekends as well.
Since then we have met in person a couple of times and often enough at trade shows to chat about our hobby and Bernd would tell me about the latest games he'd just finished playing. And he did enjoy gaming still when most people his age were more concerned about building a house, raising a family or thinking about that moment when their first grandchild might knock on the door.
So it was an utter shock when I learned of him passing away - on christmas last year, what an irony - while checking up on him about the latest Topware games.

Best wishes, Bernd. To those who want to give their condolences, his former team has posted about his passing here: