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Our Policy on Downlooads

Author: Administrator Date: 19.09.15 Language:

It has always been our policy here at The Patches Scrolls to report on any patch for a game. In the past this has been pretty easy: Check the game's website, the developer or publishers website(s) - we do that for about 5,000+ sites daily, by the way - download the patches there , add their description if available and people could grab them from us instead of hunting them themselves.

But with everything, times change the rules. Nowadays, almost every game gets distributed digitally. And there comes the tricky part: Many Developers / Publishers no longer offer  their patches outside those digital distributors, be it Steam, GOG, Origin or somebody else.  Of course there are exceptions, but there aren't many anymore. If you bought the game via a digital distributor, you get the patch there. But nowhere else.

And for legal reasons we simply cannot offer any Steam/GOG/... patches without permission.

So should we simply close shop? 

From a rational point of view: Yes, we should. The ad money hardly covers the cost of running the site and updating it. But this site is a labour of love, so we decided to stay , broaden the scope to demos, mods, general game information, screenshots and of course provide news on patches. So if you can't find that patch you were looking for, but only a changelog it means we have no legal means to obtain and offer this patch here.

So please think twice next time you bitch in comments about not getting your downloads here.



    • Date: 22.09.2015

      The new distribution methods are annoying. No more clean offline installs, no more clean patches.

      Sad times.

    • Date: 21.09.2015

      For old games - like about anything pre-2010 - no problem. We should have about 99% of all exisiting patches online and available for download. Even the big ones like Cities XL at 2,8GB. Ever since Valve cut everybody off their Counter Strike patch server, where you could grab their patches prior to their official release date for mirroring and the following rise of Steam, patches have become harder and harder to track down.

    • Date: 20.09.2015

      Plus there is us Retro Gamers who still love you for getting patches for old games!