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Download issues finally fixed

Author: Administrator Date: 03.10.16 Language:

As several of you have pointed out through the comments, download windows would often not appear and download of patches would then be impossible.

At first we coupld not figure out what the root cause was: Was it maybe a malfunctioning adblocker, was a misbehaving content management system, was it some system misconfiguration fuckup or was it simply that we did not warn people that for most modern games we could no longer offer patches for legal reasons?

For months we were clueless as to what exactly went wrong since for us nothing ever failed. And since we worked on the site only in our spare time and real life matters took precendence we thought this was just ad blockers and moved on.

Fortunately someone was helpful enough to point out exactly what went wrong for him and why.

As it turns out, if people visited the site with Internet Explorer trying to start the download window would fail (there were workarounds around this, but most people couldn't figure it out - including us at first). But using the site with any other browser would work - even with ad blockers enabled or even with Edge on Windows 10.

We have since worked on a fix and finally implemented it. Downloading now works with IE as well (tested with IE 11).


Please let us know if you still run into problems and tell us which browser you were using and what exactly went wrong.

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    • Date: 29.01.2017

      <strong>google chrome</strong>


    • Date: 29.01.2017

      google chrome

    • Date: 29.11.2016

      pls go to game

    • Date: 05.11.2016

      Thanks. Not using IE, and haven't hit the problem, but still. :)