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Crusader Kings II

Also known as:
Crusader Kings 2; CK II; CK 2
Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive
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Author: Administrator Date: 21.12.2017 System:
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    • Date: 31.01.2018

      These days we're obligued to ask for legal permission from publishers to offer patches for download. And most publishers can or will not grant us permission to offer patches for their newer games here. So it basically means what it says "We are not permitted to offer downloads of this patch by the publishers/online distributors or face legal consequences."

    • Date: 13.01.2018

      how can we download

    • Date: 13.01.2018

      How can we download?

    • Date: 31.12.2017

      What does this "Sorry, we're not allowed to host this file" mean? Will it be available soon?