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AGEOD's Alea Jacta Est

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Matrix Games
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patch 1.01

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

-Corrected bug on RGD constraint MustNoBeOwnedRegion
-Correction bug on entering enemy territory
-New generic weather resistance attributes

-changed the terrains, models and units to improve a bit the 'chances' of non-Romans vs Romans.
Movement will be overall slower, and deployment of light/irregular units more favored in difficult terrains.
-Fixed DB Issues with Python Scripts (Thank you Lafrite) and Berto's report (on Matrix Forum)

UI :
-Fixed a display issue in Social Mode for 1024 screen resolution
-New localized buttons in MainMenu/Options

Events/Setups :
-Fixed wrong CP penalty applied to absorbed factions and to recruited generic generals (Year of Four Emperors and Severus scenarios)
-Corrected some mismatches between tooltip and map regarding Roman Roads (Year of Four Emperors and Severus
-Legions not recruitable in small islands
-Fixed some MTB allocation issues in Severus and Marius vs Sulla Scenarios
-Fixed End of Faction Chain of Events in Year of 4 Emperors and Severus scenarios
-Fixed regeneration of Iberian Archers recruitment option
-Rome not controlled event now will give -20 VP malus
-Merchant sunk events corrected and now will give a -10 money malus

Marius vs Sulla scenario
-Lusitanians made a bit weaker
-Fixed blocked naval leaders in Lucullus odyssey
-Fixed some loyalty issues
-Fixed some stack fixing issues
-Fixed High Priest suicide event
-Fixed Peace of Dardanos issues.

Great Mithridatic War scenario
- Sertorius experience reduced a bit, as well as the Iberian power, should balance the Hispanian situation
- Added Pontic Catapultae to the force pool

Caesar vs Pompeius scenario
-Tweak to Hispania Surrender event
-Caesar and Pompeius are more on par as overall commanders now

Spartacus scenario
-Fixed double message Varinius arrival event
Year of Four Emperors scenario
-Fixed Otho death and Hispania governor rally events

Severus scenario
-Fixed the DID no FOW issue
-Fixed some stack fixing issues
-Fixed erroneous "new political options" messages
-Full message broadcasted when Albinus is proclaimed public enemy

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