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IL2-Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles

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Patch 2.007

Author: Administrator Date: 28.02.17 System:
Dear pilots, 
We reached another Battle of Kuban milestone and present you 2.007 update. The main addition is Bf 110 G-2 that can carry a variety of strike weaponry. The result of the long work of our engineer department is also in: AI aircraft physics optimizations that allow to create more intense missions containing more AI planes. In addition, this update includes Fw 190 A-3 flight model corrections that were announced earlier (the result of additional available data analysis and historical references comparison). The full list of changes follows:
1. Twin engine strike aircraft Bf 110 G-2 is available to all Battle of Kuban owners;
2. AI controlled planes physics calculations were optimized. There can be more than twice the number of AI planes in a mission with the same level of physics performance (compared to August 2016 when we started this optimization work);
3. Fw 190 A-3 flight model was reworked according to additional reference data. Now its stall speed is closer to historical instructions;
4. 4 variants of a simple tank mission were added to Missions menu, they are available to all owners of the sim;
5. AI won't sometimes wobble the plane along the yaw axis in a level flight;
6. AI dogfight and ground attack maneuvers became much more fluid;
7. The last remnant in unrealistic AI control behavior - cheating alignment to a target - has been changed to realistic control method from mouse controls;
8. AI aircraft aim rockets at ground targets better;
9. AI aircraft take off correctly in QMB missions;
10. A rare issue when La-5 or Bf 110 E-2 failed to appear on mission start (this could also result in black screen) has been fixed;
11. Aiming help while using joystick can be enabled again;
12. Rockets aiming help accuracy has been increased;
13. Greenish smoke effects caused by disabling HDR are fixed now;
14. Grey artifacts on airfields that were visible from high above were fixed;
15. Pz38t and MG34 AA are correctly counted in statistics;
16. Fw 190 A-3 engine cowling armor restored;
17. Ju 52 pilot can't be damaged by fire in wing engines;
18. Mission Editor won't randomly crash while deleting a large number of objects at once;
19. MiG-3 oil on canopy effect made less severe;
20. Ju 52 middle engine nacelle corrected (shortened);
21. P-40E-1 fuel gauges show the amount of fuel left in imperial gallons;
22. All found places where wells, fences and other objects were blocking the roads were fixed;
23. Mission Editor correctly applies a weather preset depending on a selected season;
24. Ju 52 info panel now displays the number of paratroopers left on board;
25. Yak-1 Series 69 engine RPM control wheel rotation direction corrected;
26. Aircraft bump textures can be edited by users;
27. Viewer tool now supports 4K aircraft skins.
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