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John Tiller's Campaign Series

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Matrix Games
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Patch 2.00

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

Bug Fixes
o Fixed a legacy bug involving BunkerMorale (bunkers were mistakenly using TrenchMorale), and revised downward BunkerMorale from +4 to +3.
o Restored High Details to the Options menu.
o Fixed edmap & edit toolbars.
o Fixed an inherited edorg date bug.
o Fixed an inherited Battle Generator bug.
o Fixed inherited, legacy start & stop date bugs.
o Fixed the edmap horizontal banding and saw-tooth screen edge legacy bugs.
o If PBEM Replay is skipped, fixed bug where animation speed was set to slowest setting.
o Fixed an inherited frontend bug where, for the CS, earlier year pre-war GetDateValue() conversions were missing.
o Fixed an inherited bug where, for supply modifiers, dates outside a certain range might corrupt other game data, or worse perhaps even crash the game.
o Fixed the bug where edit failed to save A/I (aggressiveness) values.
o Fixed the Night Visible Hexes bug.
o Fixed the frontend Turns 0 bug.
o Fixed the phantom details button bug in the Damage Results dialog.
o Fixed several problems involving gliders.
o Fixed the edmap Elevation Max Height < 12 to 19 bug. For EF, WF & RS.
o Fixed the eforg Allied Bulgaria 'Unknown' nation bug.
o Fixed the edit window title bug.
o Fixed a bug involving potential crashes when selecting/deselecting Background Music or Background Sound.
o Fixed a bug where, for PBEM (and possibly also Hot Seat) play, Dynamic Day/Night & Visibility were inoperative.

o The game engine now runs as a full-fledged, resizable, movable windowed application. Before now, the game engine was a fixed, immobile, full-screen application. (In future, the player will have the option to switch between the two game windowed/non-windowed (full-screen) modes.)
o Hot keys documented in-game in the Menu Bar options, also in the toolbar tooltips.
o Relocated and resequenced several of the Menu Bar options (in engine mainly, but also in edit, edmap & edorg).
o Variable Animation Speeds.
o Changed "slots" and/or "slot" designations for several nations: Australia, New Zealand, Communist Vietnam, Communist China, South Africa, Philippines.
o Merged the Campaign Series & Modern Wars codebases.
o Implemented File>New & File>Open in the game engine .exe.
o Added TEM & Morale modifiers to the unit Info Box display.
o Added new LayManyMines & Commando unit capabilities. (For now, ME & VN only.)
o Moved unit capability (graphical) display from the unit Info Box to (as text) the Unit Handbook.
o Variable highlight colors, available via the Options menu. Includes five new graphics .bmp files: StackHighlights1D.bmp, StackHighlights2D.bmp, BaseHighlights3D.bmp, BaseHighlights4D.bmp, BaseHighlights5D.bmp. Install them in the top-level game folder (alongside the game .exe's).
o New Continuous AI Play mode.
o New game engine toolbar.
o New Units menu options, and toolbar buttons, for: Banzai, Fire Smoke, Fire Starshell.
o New player-selectable A/I options: Aggressiveness, Audacious, Cautious, Shifting.
o New ai.ini AI configuration file.
o New Backup Saves option.
o New Test Trial Play mode.
o New -X NOENCRYPTION command-line option, permitting access to unencrypted data files (e.g., OOB instead of OBX) (for testing and solo play only, not for multiplayer).
o At the frontend Main Menu, selecting Edit Map takes you directly to the edmap EXE, bypassing the frontend Map Editor display (no more direct random map generation).
o The frontend Scenarios selection screen no longer displays Backup Saves versions.
o Reorganized the nation names & sides Msg strings.
o The screen-top main Menu is now fixed, and cannot be toggled off. Removed the Menu icon from the screen-bottom toolbar, and freed up the Ctrl-M hot key for other uses.
o With High Details in effect, the Damage Report dialog box now reports the firing side.
o Removed the Details/Delay toggle from the Damage Report. (One sets this in Options > Highlights.)
o With Extreme FOW in effect, High Details are unavailable.
o Removed several hard-coded numbers in edit, redoing them as macros instead (defined in misc.h).
o Added support for AlliedFinland & AlliedGermany.
o Added game-specific Results & Command dialog boxes.
o New feature: dynamic, designer specified day/night & visibility.
o Restored game-specific Damage Reports & Command Reports.
o For nations ID#s & Msg* strings, fixed many omissions, inconsistencies, and other faults.
o Implemented a flexible, full-featured logging facility, all EXEs (frontend.log, engine.log, edit.log, edmap.log, edorg.log, error.log, ai.log).
o Added a Redraw Display (Alt-D) menu selection (hot key), for fixing any graphics glitches and map display corruption.
o Added Jump Map (J) menu selection (& hot key) to edit & edmap.
o Like engine, edit & edmap now have all available hot keys annotated in the top-level menu, also in the status bar.
o Incorporated Warhorse's new terrain[12]d.bmp files, all regions. These support elevations from 0 to +19.
o Incorporated Warhorse's new Beach[12]d.bmp files. These show beaches in the proper sandy color.
o Coded in support for elevations > 12, also separate beach graphics.
o For all logging, added the option to show in-EXE message pop-ups indicating significant, noteworthy error conditions.
o Implemented a functioning in-game (for engine only) F1 General Help access of the CS Manual PDF file.
o On edorg launch, added a message box warning of data loading/processing delay.
o Redid the implementation of Variable Visibility (optional rule). (Note: Visibility varies only once per turn. The same Visibility applies throughout the turn, both sides, all phases.)
o In the engine, F2 now summons the EBOOK version of the game Manual (with table of contents), no longer the LIGHT version.
o Toned down some needlessly worrisome logging "errors".
o At the Status Bar, clarified use of the Unit Handbook icon.
o Due to a, for now, unfixable bug, retired Hot Seat Replay. Will be fixed and restored in future. (Standard & PBEM Replay remain intact.)
o Changed the WF window border & toolbar color to match the EF color. (Had been matching the tropical RS color.)
o Fine tuned the "duplicate ID" error messages in edorg.log.
o Further refined the error messages in edorg.log, adding file & line number where the error occurs.
o Improved (if not quite fixed) night shading in ZoomIn25 (3-key) map mode. Includes three new files: Gray3d.bmp, Gray4d.bmp, Gray5d.bmp.
o If a unit has no assigned Unit Handbook picture file, attempt to display any graphic defined in its bitmap3d field instead.

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