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American Civil War: Antietam

Also known as:
ACW: Antietam; Civil War Batteles: Antietam; CWB: Antietam; Campaign Antietam
John Tiller
HPS Simulations
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patch 1.01

Author: Administrator Date: 21.12.17 System:
Changes for Campaign Antietam 1.01
    - Several new scenarios including both a Consolidated and a Sectional
      artillery Battle of Antietam (see scns 200 and 201) 	
    - AI firing is now by stack instead of by unit.
    - Activate AI when under Manual control now only activates AI Firing and
      not AI Movement.
    - Added toolbar button for Command Range.
    - Added new Proportional Opportunity Fire Optional Rule that causes
      Opportunity Fire generated by firing units to be more proportional to
      the total strength of the units firing.
    - Added new Parameter Data value that controls when artillery crews are
    - Added new Alternate Fixed Unit release Optional Rule that releases Fixed
      units within 5 hexes of an enemy unit regardless of Line-of-Sight to that
    - Fix for some screensavers causing game to go blank.

Changes for Campaign Antietam 1.0
    - Added ability to fire after Retire by Prolonge.
    - Added new Ammo Artillery by Cannon optional rule.
    - Added ability to specify alternative arrival hexes for a reinforcement.
    - Added Alternate Melee Resolution rule which separates melees into
      separate phase.
    - Added fix for Uncrewed or Spiked artillery spotting enemy units.
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