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Sacred 2: Ice & Blood

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Community Patch 0160

Author: Administrator Date: 17.11.21 System:

Note: This is a fan-patch, done by the Sacred 2 Community.

All changes since the initial release are combined, organized, and listed below. This document is meant to save the player from sifting through 10 years’ worth of change logs to determine what is current.



• The player can now use the "ESC" key as an additional quicksave hotkey (in addition to the usual quicksave key). Requires editing options.txt.

• All binaries patched to circumvent the game's memory leak problem and improve resource loading. Crashing and freezing should be dramatically reduced.

• PhysX performance has been enhanced. Should no longer cause performance loss and CTD's.

• All in-game textures were reviewed in respect to file size and compression faults. Should improve load times and performance.

• Implemented various improvements to get a clearer debug.log.

• Fixed additional Debug Log Errors (NXActor Colprim Errors).

• LUA code reviewed in all scripts. Position formats standardized. Redundant/inactive code removed.



• Starting Island Portal is enabled in singleplayer.

• Ship Ports and Hot Air Balloons now work like Portals. After activation, they may be accessed from the world map at any time or place.

• New "Travel Agent" NPC's added in 20 locations. These NPC's use the ship captain icon and will unlock new "portals" through which to travel.

• The player can now teleport to underground soulstones when above ground.

• Player no longer loses control of the camera during boss battles (no more centering on the boss and extreme zoom out).

• Autocollect pickup range increased. To make the graphical circle match the new coded pickup radius, change the line "autoCollectRadius" to a value of "230" in options.txt.

• Fixed a possible reason for one-hit-deaths between 2nd and 4th soulstone in Crystal Plane.

• The snowy part of the Crystal Plane no longer plays XMAS music.

• The Olm cave in the Swamps no longer plays jazz music from the Desert Cantina.

• Added a Merchant to Schlun'Zum.

• Added a new traveling merchant that randomly appears throughout the map (name dependent on localization).

• The High Elf's ponytail hairstyle is now animated. Her hair bounces when she walks and runs.

• Fixed the appearance of High Elves and Dryads who have custom skin colors (skin color does not bleed on the eyes and teeth anymore).

• Fixed a minor problem which caused some textures to glow intensely.

• Inquisitor idle animations have been optimized to prevent skipping.

• Fixed an Inquisition temple model that had gaps where the mesh pieces didn't fit together right.

• Fixed an issue where invisible objects and "stairs" appeared in settlements.

• Removed an invisible door on a cave entrance enroute to Twitty Tister.

• Removed the mysterious Resurrection Monolith from the northeast swamp coast (no function).

• Arkenmarks Refuge dungeon can now be played.

• All General Skills are now available to every character.

• Temple Guardian now has access to the Ancient Magic skill.


[GUI Fixes]

• Removed the nagging "Welcome to Ice & Blood" pop-up screen upon loading a new character.

• Console now has transparent background and the console logo now shows the CM-Patch version.

• Modified version of the Black Glass UI is integrated (UI is less transparent and item stack count is easier to read).

• Character sheet UI is rearranged to present attack/defense/damage/spell intensity in a more logical way and with misleading/incorrect parameters removed.

• Improved and clarified tooltips for attributes. Damage modifier now appears in the Willpower tooltip if applicable (for lightsabers).

• Percents, not flat numbers, are now correctly shown in tooltips for Combat Discipline and Speed Lore.

• The frame indicating Skill mastery has been made more visible.

• Fixed the inappropriate green-haired Seraphim icons sometimes seen.

• Prepared some savegame thumbnails that were missing. This should prevent the blue placeholder icons in the savegame list.

• Long enemy names now fit better in the "Last Opponent" window without being cut off.

• Grunwald, Swamp, Desert, and Girvym Dragons now display correct names in the "Last Opponent" window.

• Destructible "enemies" like Crystal Traps and Cursed Banners now have names in the "Last Opponent" window.

• Scaron boss now has a portrait in the "Last Opponent" window.


[Text Fixes]

• Corrected several lines in the various localizations that had incorrect or awkward translations (thanks to all the translators and bug reporters!).

• Textbase of all 10 languages standardized - more translations supported.

• Unused text removed from global.res.

• Corrected numerous typos and added missing text in many logbook entries and dialogues.

• Corrected all instances where "Urtamark" is mispelled as "Urthamark."

• Corrected all instances where "Lakeview Tavern" is called "Ocean View Tavern."

• Corrected loading screen tips where "Cooldown" is used instead of "Regeneration Time."

• Corrected loading screen tips where "Frost" is used instead of "Ice."

• Corrected loading screen tip where CTRL+Click is said to be the command for directing minions, when in fact it is SHIFT+Click.

• All Fruit Baskets have proper naming now - no longer called "Item".

• Tornado and Gust of Wind are no longer called "Whirlwind" and "Flurry" in the rune exchange window.

• Master of the Hunt quest: Corrected mention of the city "Grurag-Orc" to the actual name of the city, Entruag.

• Sar'Thaz and Bengaresh Threshold now display their proper names onscreen when the player arrives, instead of "Arena of the Winged Ones" and "Red River," respectively.

• Books of the Gods - Descriptions of each god's appearance now matches the statues. Layout of each book's contents is rearranged for consistency and now includes a "Symbol" section for each god.



• Elite Mounts Project is fully integrated. New mount vendor is in the Jungle Temple of the Gods.

• Mounts can now be called into dungeons and underground areas (player must still dismount when entering\leaving dungeons due to code limitations).

• Run Speed (non-functioning bonus) on Horses is replaced with a Physical Armor bonus.

• Player no longer gets stuck running around in circles when trying to mount Horses and Special Mounts.

• All the special mounts from both Fallen Angel and Ice & Blood are now available at both special mount vendors.

• The Shadow Warrior special mounts have been color coded again to their respective aspects.


[Combat Arts: General]

• Melee Combat Arts should no longer cause pathing and targeting issues upon execution.

• Missing Damage Over Time FX for magic, ice, and physical damage are now restored.

• Combat Alert, Rallied Souls, and several other buffs no longer cause drop in FPS.

• Characters can now use buffs while mounted on horseback.

• Buffs that boost party stats (like Battle Stance) should no longer reapply their bonuses to allies repeatedly.

• Buff FX now apply themselves to allies and minions immediately after casting/summoning.

• Summoned creatures no longer get extraneous buff VFX (orange lightning aura, shield aura).


[Combat Arts: Seraphim]

• Soul Hammer: Now hits twice while Dual Wielding (fixed incorrect weapon animations both on foot and while mounted on the Tiger).

• Pelting Strikes: Now has improved Ranged Weapon animations with more projectiles.

• Instill Belief: "Elocution" mod's chance to convert now correctly doubles the base chance value and does not set it to 100%.


[Combat Arts: Inquisitor]

• Callous Execution: No longer uses slow and clunky 2h animations when mounted. Now also hits twice when Dual Wielding while mounted.

• Levin Array: Reduced the casting range slightly to prevent casting on enemies beyond reach.

• Inexorable Subjugation: No longer causes the Inquisitor to be petrified for the duration. Now displays missing "Minion Lifetime" text in its tooltip.

• Increased movement speed of the summoned creatures of the Inquisitor.


[Combat Arts: High Elf]

• Fire Demon: Now has fiery FX (instead of bloody gore) when unsummoned.

• Raging Nimbus: Duration now increases with CA level.


[Combat Arts: Shadow Warrior]

• Demonic Blow: Now uses correct animations when using ranged weapons, 2h magic staves, and pole arms while mounted on the Hellhound.

• Scything Sweep: Should no longer be able to kill allies when gold mod “Hurl” is taken.

• Frenzied Rampage: Now has improved Ranged Weapon animations with more projectiles.

• Reflective Emanation: Spikeshield VFX on minions (from gold mod "Idol") no longer causes FPS drop.

• Nether Allegiance: Now has ethereal FX (instead of bones) when unsummoned.


[Combat Arts: Dryad]

• Ravaged Impact: Corrected a faulty modifier of "Envenom" mod that caused weapons to only inflict poison damage.

• Viperish Disease can no longer spread so far and so fast that it crashes the game. It is reworked and rebalanced to scale with skills and attributes to maintain killing power without being exploitable.

• Tangled Vine: Base damage increased slightly.

• Goldenglade Touch: Hitpoint Regeneration is slightly weakened.

• Ancient Bark: Buff VFX is optically improved.

• Increased movement speed of the summoned creatures of the Dryad.


[Combat Arts: Temple Guardian]

• Battle Extension: Now has faster animations overall, and more projectiles when used with Ranged Weapons.

• Archimedes Beam: Damage types changed from Magic/Physical to Magic/Fire.


[Combat Arts: Dragon Mage]

• Dragon Mage can now remove combat arts from combos (only applies to new characters created after patching).

• Dragon Mage now has access to buff slots and potion slots while shape-shifted.

• Dragon Berserk and Dragon Form are rebalanced. Power now scales better into higher difficulties without being overpowered at low levels.

• Eternal Fire can no longer spread so far and so fast that it crashes the game. It is reworked and rebalanced to scale with skills and attributes to maintain killing power without being exploitable.

• Destroyers have improved explosion accuracy (will no longer prematurely self-destruct).

• Protector gets improved AI. Will now use the special moves Ascaron gave him: Slowing Hard Hit and Heal Self.


[Creature Fixes: General]

• Maximum enemy level cap is now the same for each region within a given difficulty.

• Enemies will no longer spawn inside the town limits of Tharum, Na Fian, Dar Al Badja, the village by Eloeth-Sun, Badawi and the Badawi portal, the exterior Scorpion Temple soulstone, and the final Great Machine soulstone.

• Removed secret boss clones in remote test areas that were only accessible by glitches and exploits.

• Reactivated death animations of all bosses.

• Mounted opponents (kobolds, goblins, Du'rach) now use their proper death animations instead of exploding.

• Bodily undead (except skeletons) no longer explode when they are killed, and will therefore leave corpses.

• Bears, Boars, Spiders, Snow Leopards, and Yeti now have fur.

• Yellow shimmer on elite enemies removed - no longer overrides special texture effects like fur.

• All human-race NPC's in the game were scaled up in size so they're not so short and dwarfish compared to the player and other races.

• Changed an incorrect Ursaron into an Ursacin in the quest "Challenge."

• Haenir (Northland Expedition boss) now appears as a Thraconian instead of a Yeti.

• Kufferath Castle is now defended by knights of its own realm (wearing Urtamark green) instead of DeMordrey soldiers.

• Gambling Den Owner boss (Shadow Path) is now equipped with a weapon, and has a Hard Hit attack.

• Guide Jaftar (human enemy, Light path main quest) is now a boss-level opponent who uses a weapon and a Hard Hit attack.

• Some elite Thraconians on Christmas Island who weren't properly flagged as elites now have the proper rank.

• Some normal ranged Slave Outcasts who were wrongly flagged as elites now have the proper rank.

• Elite Kobold Archers give now correct XP.

• Elite Undead Legion Mages now give more XP than normal ones.

• The Toughness skill now works properly for elite Blade Spiders.

• Elven Apparitions now have ice resistance like other ghosts.

• Ghost Wolves now inflict some physical damage like other ghost animals.

• Elite Ancestral Spirits now have their missing armor and damage mitigation values, as well as physical-to-ice damage conversion.

• Scarabs now have correct attack and defense values.

• Elite Scarabs are no longer missing damage and armor values. They will also now attack the player instead of standing still.

• Demons: Lowered damage to fix the one-shot problem in the Wastelands.

• The Harbinger of Death boss in "The Lost Crypt" quest has been weakened.

• The Abishai of Dissension is weakened slightly.


[Creature Fixes: Equipment]

• Enemies now have better equipment variation (improved probability to use alternate weapons).

• Additional Debug Log errors were fixed (missing/incorrect equipslots of dozens of NPCs).

• Undead skeletons in the "Disturbance of the Peace" quest no longer use the wrong equipment sets.

• High Elf Soldiers are no longer equipped with halberds since they lack the proper attack animations for them.

• Human Cultist Shamans are now equipped with magic staves.

• Dragon Cult Leaders now wear the bracers that Ascaron designed for them.

• Death Cult Lizards and Jungle Lizards now use shields with their own faction's insignia that Ascaron designed for them instead of generic brown shields.

• Inquisition Officers now use the shields Ascaron designed for them with the Inqusition insignia.

• Urtamark Officers (Green Human Knights) now use the shields that Ascaron designed for them.

• Ogre Warriors now use the shields Ascaron designed for them. A smaller version of the shield is also available to the player as a random drop.

• Elite Ogre Shamans now use the 2h staves Ascaron designed for them.

• Swamp Olm now equipped with their headgear.

• Inquisitor Ortlewyn and Bodyguard Narmonn (quest enemies in Tyr Lysia) now wear the unused "Grand Inquisitor" robes that Ascaron designed instead of generic grey robes.

• Elite Garema now wear the full armor "set" for their subtype (script bug caused them to not wear any armor).

• Fix for missing quiver texture for Human NPC Archers (City Guards and Dark Archer enemies).


[Creature Fixes: Abilities]

• The Swirling Mist of Miasma now uses its special "Weakness" buffs that were designed for it (causes ice damage, lowers player stats and speed). The Mist will no longer regenerate health faster than it summons undead (reduced cooldown on summoning spell).

• Reduced Poison DOT of Spiders' Venom Spit.

• Damage of Poison Trap spell has been changed to DOT. This should prevent being one-shot by the Poison Lord, as well as some issues with low-lvl PCs at the start of the game.

• Elite Yeti and Gahanka (Troll boss) now use the "Stomp" CA.

• All Trolls and Yeti who use the "Stomp" CA now use the correct animation.

• Removed Knockback effect from enemy attacks because of a serious bug where the player could become perma-stunned until reload. This fix affects Octalogamus, Gar'Colossus, Khral, The White Griffon, Carnach and others.

• Reduced the teleport range of Undead General Terus, to prevent him from kicking himself off the world map.

• The decorative destructable Crystals (except the smallest) in the Crystal Plane now give correct XP and in return got a kind of self-defense (damage nova).

• Did some modifications to the spell most likely causing the "strange mass healing effect" sometimes experienced in Blood Forest and beyond.

• The Ghost of Christmas Past has increased cooldown on his summoning spell.

• Gar'Colossus: Has improved AI and now uses more of his combat arts.


[Creature Fixes: Restored Designs]

• 15 enemies have new skins (restored unused developer-made designs). These were typically region-specific variants of wild animals (e.g., turtles, bats, rats, wolves, etc.).

• Magmadur now uses his inactive "fire dragon" design instead of being a clone of the Grunwald Dragon.

• Walther (Christmas Yeti boss) no longer identical to The Guardian. Now uses an inactive Christmas Troll design.

• The Ice Hydra is now a more powerful boss-level opponent. It only appears in the Christmas Quest now (no longer part of the Northland Expedition - replaced with Fury Broodmother).

• Fury Broodmother activated (Harpy mini-boss), replaces the Ice Hydra as a boss in the Northland Expedition.

• Mesmerized/Savage Werewolves (from the quest "The Werewolf Hunt") now use the unique appearance that Ascaron designed for them, and are now consistently called "Wild Werewolves" in keeping with the dialogue and quest log.

• Lord of the Castle NPC ("By Order of the Crown" chain quest) now uses the unique appearance that Ascaron designed.

• Dr. Faust now uses an inactive human mage design with runic robes.

• Generic Zombies from the Shadow Warrior's class quest ("Past Mistakes" phase) are replaced with previously inactive Undead Elves and Undead Orcs. The Undead Ogres from this same quest are upgraded to elite status.

• The two "Master of the Hunt" orcs (Ogan Kandimiro and Lupus Coldhand) are now the unique boss creatures that Ascaron designed instead of generic orc hunters.

• Gargantura spider creature is activated and added to Cursed Forest.

• Nur-Trak (yellow) Goblins and Ogres activated and assigned as the elites of each of their respective types.

• Ogre clan Champion designs: Grurag (blue) and Ore-Thag (red) are activated and added to Nor Plat.

• Black Panthers are now in Jungle region and red-striped Panthers are now activated and added to Cursed Forest.

• Armored Red Demon Lord is activated and added to Wasteland.

• Green Swamp Demon is activated and added to the Swamp.

• Red Draconic Dragonfly activated and added to the Cursed Forest.

• Arctic Wolves are activated and added to the Northland.

• Frost Imp is activated and added to Crystal Plane.

• Yeti Hunter is activated and added to Crystal Plane.

• Green elite Forest Spirit is activated and added to Dyr Lain.

• Giant Scarab (non-mutated) is activated and added to the Bengaresh Desert and Wastelands.

• T-Energy Dragon boss and Small Mutated Dragons activated and added to the T-Energy Field.

• Mutated Skeletons activated and added to the T-Energy Field and western Swamp.

• Activated 3 unused Zombie skins for undead in Hissil'Ta.


[New Bosses]

• Gartor the Onyx Spiketurtle in Crystal Plane.

• Shelob (new spider boss of "Ephrahim's Nightmare").

• Failitia the Seraphim and Asmarael the Spider Queen with their very own quest series: "The Imposter."

• 4 Guardians of T-Energy (“Ancient Secrets” quest).


[Quests: General Fixes]

• All characters now have voiced comments when accepting new quests.

• Dragon Mage now makes comments when approaching quest bosses, like the other characters.

• Character-specific quests are flagged as class quests and appear on the corresponding page of the log (with the class chain quests).

• All quests involving companions have been optimized (better AI).

• Removed unused sub-captions for chain quests.

• Log for the starting quests has been cleansed of movies and some unnecessary parts.

• Timed kill quests Hunting Fever and Master of the Hunt series - Timer moved from quest to script. Player will be cheered during these timed quests.

• Timed kill quests in progress will show 0 targets after a save and reload, allowing a restart of the mission.

• In general many quests have been optimized in playability and logbook appearance.

• Quest scripts have been optimized in general. (Removal of unused functions and calls, etc.)

• Removed several unused quest fragments, task creatures, and backdoors.

• Fixed many irregularities with missing NPCs or their illogical behaviour.

• Arena fighting rescripted (LUA code review: onRespawn).

• Tutorial quests grouped together in the logbook as: "A Hitchhikers Guide to Ancaria."

• Various NPC's with unique dialogue are grouped in the logbook as "Hintgivers: VIPs in Ancaria."


[Quests: Specific Fixes]

• "A Radical Solution" is now properly sorted in the logbook.

• "A Simple Case of Nerves" is now available in Multiplayer.

• "Annoying Little Kobold Shamans" - Elve Mehmedagic is no longer a valid kill target of the quest.

• "Bandits" now has two alternative endings.

• "Blind Guardian Quest" - the fans have been grouped together as "Groupies" along with the rest of the quest.

• "Blinded" - logbook simplified.

• "Bloody Rituals", "Frightened Guard (Light)", "Tutorial Hireling", "A Picnic in the Swamps (Light)", "A Picnic in the Swamps (Shadow)", "Attack from the Mist" and "By Order of the Crown" - Correction of disband flag.

• "By Order of the Crown" - Informant Harol is now available, state as hireling is corrected.

• "Clearing Ship" - Hostages are cleared from ship after completion.

• "Creators and Destroyers" - Temple Guardian class quest report hologram relocated in Failitia's dungeon.

• "Days Gone By" - logbook simplified.

• "Dratted Little Beasts" is now a Dragon Mage-specific quest.

• "Dream Vampire" - Reward drop is now collectable.

• "Easter Eggs" - Easter Bunny has his own pre-quest "Easter Has Come" to reduce confusion on how to start the quest series.

• "Elixir of Visions" - Lingering quest marker removed.

• "Ephrahim's Nightmare", "Witching About", "Spider Infestation", "Cut Off" and "Holdup" - Health bars adjusted.

• "Epic Office Quest" - Once the task is taken from tom Felde, blue markers appear at each of the developer's locations. That's how they can be tracked. Logbook "Tasks" section does no longer keep contact track for this quest, until after all the developers are found. The "Power of NIF" and "Benny's Promise" items are now received along with the rest of the loot at the end of the quest.

• "Escaping the Terror" - Milk Weed is removed from the party after completion.

• "Fortress of the Dead" - removed from the logbook.

• "Holdup" - improved chain of events.

• "Hunting Fever Quests" (I + II + III) grouped together.

• "Just a Fool" - logbook simplified.

• "Manners maketh Kobold" - Orcs removed after completion.

• "Michel, the Blacksmith's Apprentice" - Position collision of 2 NPCs fixed.

• "Nightmares" and "Operation White Vest" (Shadow quests) adjusted. Only works if a new game or difficulty is started.

• "Northland Expedition" is now listed on the log page for the human region (Chapter II). The Mage is set to a new position.

• "Oculus Mechanicus" - Jana in Thylysium is no longer a valid kill target of the quest.

• "Orpheus" - Mary Ann now behaves correctly.

• "Past Mistakes" - Player will be teleported back after accomplishing the quest, after a brief countdown.

• "Playing with Bears" (Relics Tutorial) - Quest logic corrected.

• "Redemption" - NPCs from the quest leave Thylysium afterwards.

• "Sheik Yerbouti" - removed from the logbook.

• "Soldiers from the Past" - logbook simplified.

• "Special Mounts Quest - There are no longer duplicate "Sister of the Archaeologist" NPC's standing in the same spot in Orcish Byway.

• "The Unholy Crusade" - DeMordrey's bodyguards become normal soldiers after the player kills DeMordrey.

• "The Werewolf Hunt" - a werewolf merchant in Lizurath is no longer a valid kill target of the quest.

• "Threat from the west" - logbook simplified.

• "Unexpected News" cannot be failed anymore to prevent logbook issues.

• "Wet Danger" - The rock blocking the path to the Octagolamus now vanishes correctly.


[Quests: New and Restored]

• "A Bath for my Dog" (New Quest)

• "A Simple Case of Nerves" (Restored Quest)

• "Ancaria Airlines" (New Quest)

• "Ancient Secrets" (New Quest)

• "Back to the Front" - Pre-quest to "The Undead Legion."

• "Bugs!" (New Quest)

• "Can Christmas Still be Saved?" - Seasonal quest series restored. Xmas Kobold has his own pre-quest "Christmas Delayed" to reduce confusion on how to start the quest series.

• "Cut Off + From Cold Dead Hands / One Last Plea" - Restored quest series with Light and Shadow epilogue variants.

• "Dark Rituals" (New Quest)

• "Ephrahim's Nightmare" - Final quest "Heavy Burden" replaced by "The Root of all Evil."

• "Faust" (New Quest)

• "Heroic Deeds" - Shadow version of "Family Graves" restored.

• "Hired Assassins" - Light and Shadow versions restored and activated. Also activated the unique NPC appearances that were designed for the characters involved.

• "Holidays at Lake Ader" (Restored Quest)

• "Hunt for Rats" (Restored Quest)

• "Hunting Fever III" - Third part of the quest series is restored.

• "Shattered Souls" (Restored Quest)

• "The Farm Owner" (Restored Quest)

• "The Impostor" (New Quest)

• "The Wrong Path" (New Quest)

• "The Usurer" - Light and Shadow versions restored and activated.


[Item Fixes: General]

• Stackable items have max stack size increased from 20 to 99. Runes are now stackable. Items already in inventory before patching must be dropped and picked up again to benefit from this change.

• Blacksmith Arts can now be removed in the smithing interface.

• All tiers of Healing Potions are now available at merchants. They heal and stack correctly now.

• Shields are a bit rarer now at merchants, but appear in higher quality.

• Magic Staffs now shoot ranged projectiles right from the start, even without the Magic Staffs skill. This fixes an exploit where a multi-hit weapon CA with staves could hit everything on screen.

• Random amulets and rings with Shadow Warrior-only restrictions can now be used by all classes.

• Fixed a problem with a 2H-Staff being unable to be used by anyone.

• Lightsabers got their own soundprofile and naming conventions. Damage is now based on the Willpower attribute. They may be found from enemies, quests, and merchants.

• Revision of Swords and Sabers: Those with icons sized 1x3 are now classed as Dexterity-based shortswords, the larger ones are Strength-based.

• Katanas are now based on Dexterity and are named Katana, Yuudai and Kitari.

• Ettolrahc Notwen's Recurve Bow is now classified as a Recurve Bow.

• Corrected various minor typos and irregularities with item names.


[Item Fixes: Drops]

• All the Ascaron-designed Unlock Code items now drop regularly (27 weapons, 3 Jewelry, 1 Shield). Rarity is between Unique and Legendary.

• All possible tiers and variants of Shrunken Heads will now drop.

• Random Shortbows may now drop as magic and rare-tier (formerly only dropped as junk/normal).

• Added several missing Unique, Legendary, and Set Items to the proper drop lists, including Kuan's Plate, Shoulders of Anguish, & Ashes of Perdition set.

• Grunwald's Protection shield is now tier 13 (proper unique item) and has been added to the appropriate drop lists.

• A junk-quality Seraphim shield has been made into a rare-tier item and added to the appropriate drop lists.

• Non-readable Books and Scrolls will no longer drop.


[Item Fixes: Visuals and FX]

• The Dragon Mage's "Commander" set was optically corrected (pieces did not fit together).

• Fixed some minor clipping issues with Dragon Mage and Seraphim gloves.

• Seraphim and Dragon Mage now use correct animations when equipped with 2H-Swords.

• Custom skin colors of the Seraphim, High Elf, or Dryad no longer have bugged appearances with some equipment.

• 3 very small 1-handed longsword models are rescaled to be larger.

• 4 of the smaller 2-handed swords are rescaled to be larger and more appropriately proportioned.

• All bows in the game now have bowstrings.

• Lightsaber blades no longer flicker or vanish when they hit an enemy.

• Magic Staff projectiles now have an impact FX and will no longer appear to "pass through" enemies.

• Energy Weapons and Pistols now get damage type VFX applied.

• Arrows, energy weapon, and throwing weapon projectiles now carry elemental damage VFX, if applicable.

• TG Miniset XTM-2174: Icon size of the chest is now correct.


[Item Fixes: Modifiers]

• Sources of "Experience per Kill" on items, potions, statues, and spells now stack instead of overriding one another.

• Added missing set bonuses to: Black Death, Kira's Protection, Equilibrium, Denderan's Tactical Genius, Adornments of the Ancestors.

• Denderan's Reserve (Shadow Warrior set armor) now has its missing Malevolent Champion Focus bonus.

• Ilgard's Visions (Inquisitor set armor) now has its missing Aspect: Gruesome Inquisition bonus.

• Heart of the Hunter amulet (quest reward for Hunting Fever 2) now has its missing second bonus (Regeneration Time -X%).

• Swapped incorrect aspect bonuses on two Inquisitor set items (Sarakis and Deylens).

• Girth of T-Energy now correctly grants a bonus to Source Warden Lore instead of Lost Fusion Lore.

• The defense bonus of Endijians Wings is now correctly based on Armor Lore instead of Shield Lore.

• Tinwora's Curse no longer requires Armor Lore skill to unlock Casting Speed bonus.

• Dragon Mage's combat arts, aspect regeneration, and aspect skills are now possible bonuses on most random items.

• Random Magic Staffs now have skill-unlockable bonuses based on the Magic Staff skill.

• Removed "Block Chance: Knockback" from equipment because enemies no longer cause this effect. Replaced with Block Chance: Stun on uniques.

• "Opponent's Chance to Reflect: Close Combat -X%" no longer appears on ranged weapons.

• Fixed the bonuses "Damage Against T-Mutants" and "Damage Against Demons" so that they actually work now. The bonuses only apply to weapon damage.

• Reduced the damage mitigation bonus of Gruma's Talisman (balance issue).

• Temple Guardian's left-click arm cannon projectiles now have a 20% chance to cause splash damage.


[Restored Items: General]

• Throwing Stones, Throwing Potions, and Recurve Bows are reactivated as ranged weapon classes useable by the player.

• Fist Weapons are reactivated and categorized as either dexterity-based sword weapons (bladed) or strength-based hafted weapons (blunt).

• 3 Scythe weapons are reactivated as dexterity-based poles and will now drop as random rares.

• An unused wooden kite shield is now activated and added as a normal-tier random shield.

• 8 unused Ascaron-designed 1h swords are available as random drops.

• 6 Ascaron-designed maces that were deactivated with Ice & Blood are now available as random drops.

• 23 NPC-only weapons and shields are unlocked as random drops (goblin, orc, ogre, kobold, lizardman, undead, brigand).


[Restored Items: Unique]

• Well-Worn Hat (Dryad Helmet)

• Mountain Man's Slippers (Dryad Boots)

• Afirdnasy's Shuriken (Throwing Star)

• Bugslayer (Mace)

• Hammer of the Righteous (Hammer)

• Mountain Breaker (Hammer)

• Sand Eagle (Pistol)

• Tiddlywink (Sword)

• Gomil's Gold Pouch (Amulet)

• Indalil's Pendant (Amulet)

• Shadow of Urtak (Ring)

• Star of Illumination (Ring)

• Signet of the Apocalypse (Ring)


[Restored Items: Legendary]

• Arnum's Signet (Ring)

• Charo's Brilliance (Ring)

• Charo's Sparkle (Ring)

• Gruma's Breath of Perdition (Staff)

• Gruma's Talisman (Amulet)

• Insignia of Thunder (Amulet)

• Khral's Ring (Ring)

• Star of Silithar (Amulet)


[Restored Items: Sets]

• Kendric's Archon (Temple Guardian)

• Pandemonium's Pride (Shadow Warrior)

• Centurio's Insignia (Shadow Warrior)

• Kanka's Relics (Shadow Warrior)

• Kira's Protection (All-Class miniset)

• Bergonix' Judge (All-Class miniset)

• Bratgrimace's Legacy (All-Class miniset)

• Black Death (All-Class miniset)

• Equilibrium (All-Class miniset)


[New Items: General]

• Seraphim feathered wings available as random rares.

• A new "White Raven" design as random rare armor for the High Elf.

• 2H Lightsabers available as rare drops from enemies, quests, and in shops. These are classed as 2h swords with the names: Saberstaff, Lightstaff, or Doublesaber.

• New Book: A Northland Tale.

• New Book Series: The Journals of Aesma Daeva (reward from Ancient Secrets quest).

• Dragon Mage gets his own versions of Bunny Ears (rare) and Fool's Hat (junk) quest rewards.

• New Trophy: Four-Leaf Clover (Chance to Find Valuables).

• New Trophy: Construction Plans (Absorption Warding Energy).


[New Items: Unique]

• Aeon Flux (1h Sword)

• Aestus Obscura (Blowpipe)

• Agh'Ba's Dreadful Staff of Death (2h Magic Staff)

• Astral Longsword of Warlocks (1h Sword)

• Axe-Bot 2525 (1h Axe)

• Bone Blade of Zhurag-Nar (1h Sword)

• Bone of Ullr (1h Club)

• Breastplate of Expansion (High Elf Chest)

• Bringer of Light (Lightsaber)

• Carnach's Scorching Stake (Polearm)

• Celitoh's Ward (Shield)

• Charge Integrator (2h Magic Staff)

• Danse Macabre (Javelin)

• Decayer's Brand (1h Sword)

• Delior's Holy Staff (2h Magic Staff)

• Desert Rose (1h Sword)

• Disturbance in the Force (Lightsaber)

• Dracunculus Pipe (Blowpipe)

• Dralkcib's Protection (Shield)

• Dyria's Canopy (Shield)

• Electric Executioner (2h Energy Weapon)

• Father's Sword (2h Sword)

• Firebird's Wing (Shield)

• Forgotten Technology (1h Axe)

• Frost Weaver's Elemental Staff (1h Magic Staff)

• Guardian's Word (1h Sword)

• Halberd of the Rocks (Halberd)

• Helm of the Einherjar (Shadow Warrior Helmet)

• Helmet of Unspeakable Evil (Inquisitor Helmet)

• Heridon's Jade Saber (1h Sword)

• Jedi Mind Trick (2h Lightsaber)

• Kufferath Defender (Shield)

• Labrys the Star-Axe (2h Axe)

• Laurelinad's Agonizer (Fistweapon)

• Light Source (2h Lightsaber)

• Longinus Lance (Javelin)

• Magol En Agar (1h Sword)

• Maul's Swordstaff (2h Lightsaber)

• Molotov Cocktail (Throwing Potion)

• Ostur's Shredder (Shield)

• Parabellum (Energy Pistol)

• Phantasm (2h Sword)

• Quetzalcoatl's Breath (Blowpipe)

• Scribe Bracers of Atherton (Dragon Mage) (Spirit of Atherton quest reward)

• Serpent's Gaze (2h Magic Staff)

• Shaman's Mask (Dryad Helmet)

• Shaman's Totem (1h Magic Staff)

• Shield of the Cid (Shield)

• Shield of the Dark Crusade (Shield)

• Skeleton Key (Throwing Dagger)

• Snickersnee (Dagger)

• Snowstaff of the Ogre (Polearm)

• Soulflay Fork (Javelin)

• Spear of the Dryads (Polearm)

• Spindebender Bow (Longbow)

• Staff of the Blood Dryads (2h Magic Staff)

• Star of Astaroth (Throwing Star)

• Stormcrow's Hat (Dragon Mage Helmet)

• Sudden Fury (Fistweapon)

• Swampshield of the Leech (Shield)

• Sword of Rebellion (2h Sword)

• Sylvanwood Bow (Longbow)

• The Arbiter (1h Axe)

• The Catalyst (Fistweapon)

• The Dark Side (Lightsaber)

• The Earth-Shaker (Javelin)

• The Iron Knight (Fistweapon)

• The Nemes Headgear (Temple Guardian Helmet)

• The Osiris Scythe (Polearm)

• The Scythe of the Slayer (2h Axe)

• Thylysian Galea (High Elf Helmet)

• Torch of Light (1h Club)

• Trang-Oul's Guise (Inquisitor Helmet)

• Transfixion Orb (Polearm)

• Troll Carver (2h Sword)

• Twilight Harvester (Polearm)

• Valkyrie's Profile (Seraphim Helmet)

• Wand of Abaris (1h Magic Staff)

• Waton's Dreamblade (Halberd)

• Wayfarer's Staff (2h Magic Staff)

• Windbiter (Throwing Star)

• Windu's Mace (Lightsaber)

• Wisdom of the Dragons (2h Magic Staff)

• Wyvern Charmer (1h Magic Staff)


[New Items: Legendary]

• Bartuc's Cutthroat (Fistweapon)

• Essence of Dark Matters (Throwing Potion)

• Eugene's Axe (1h Axe)

• Horns of the Forest God (Longbow)

• Kaleidoscopic Evangelist (2h Energy Weapon)

• Khorum Reflector (Shield)

• Light of Earendil (Throwing Potion)

• Noisy Cricket (Energy Pistol)

• Power of NIF (Lightsaber)

• Sereish Steel of Thunder (1h Sword)

• Spider's Bane (Shield) (Ephrahim's Nightmare quest reward)

• The Redeemer (Shadow Warrior 2h Sword)

• To Mega Therion (2h Magic Staff)


[New Items: Sets]

• Arbereth's Garments of Mutation (Inquisitor Armor)

• Armaments of the Nine Hells (High Elf Armor)

• Auspicious Powers (Dragon Mage Armor)

• Chaoskampf (Dragon Mage Armor)

• Children of Asha (High Elf Armor)

• Crypt Raider's Artifacts (All-Class Weapon Set)

• Dimiona's Garments of Mutation (Temple Guardian Armor)

• Disciples of the Architect (All-Class Weapon Set)

• Disgraced Gods (Inquisitor Armor)

• Doom Guard Armor (Shadow Warrior Armor)

• Draco's Garments of Mutation (Dragon Mage Armor)

• Dragon Mage's Merry Christmas Set (Quest reward)

• Eternal Return (All-Class Jewelry Set)

• Flesh Eaters' Implements (All-Class Weapon Set)

• Frozen Gems (High Elf Armor)

• Genesis Siderea (Seraphim Armor)

• Glimborin's Garments of Mutation (High Elf Armor)

• Impressions of Sophia (Seraphim Armor)

• Insignia Regis (All-Class Weapon Set)

• Kha-Beleth's Sovereignty (Dragon Mage Armor)

• Lara's Glad Rags (High Elf Armor)

• Megalcarwen's Garments of Mutation (Seraphim Armor)

• Mage of the Spectrum (High Elf Armor)

• Memories of the Trees (Dryad Weapon Set)

• Mormorin's Garments of Mutation (Dryad Armor)

• Range Array (High Elf Armor)

• Remnants of Drizzt (All-Class Weapon Set)

• Remnants of Glaurung (All-Class Jewelry Set)

• Scourge of Lordaeron (Shadow Warrior Armor)

• Smoke Without Fire (All-Class Weapon Set)

• Sopor Aethernis (Seraphim Armor)

• Tallin's Garments of Mutation (Shadow Warrior Armor)

• The Judicator (Inquisitor Armor)

• The Night and The Silent Water (All-Class Weapon Set)

• The Wild Cat (Dryad Armor)

• Tooth and Nail (All-Class Jewelry Set)

• Undead Legionaire's Armaments (All-Class Weapon Set)

• Virtues of the Seraphim (Seraphim Armor)

• New Relics - Introducing the Sigil sets:

o BerDaiPayn

o DisTrukXion

o ImMorTel

o KilthEmAl

o KlaAtuVerAtaNikTuh

o SinIthTer

o TomMarWolOryDel

o YerLuvVun

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