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Soeldner - Secret Wars

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Wings Simulations
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Patch 33980

Author: Administrator Date: 18.01.16 System:


  • rcon command !rcon banned is working now
  • rcon command !rcon unban is working now
  • fixed a bug that caused commanders to get stuck when players entered their vehicle while outside their AOI
  • players can now open the vote screen from the respawn screen
  • public rcon commands are working now (version, ranking, list settings/users/mapcycle)
  • the rcon list mapcycle command now also works for large mapcycles (the next 10 maps get listed in that case)
  • fixed a server crash that could occur when animations were not loaded properly
  • adjusted default player limits for different map sizes
  • added a function to reset the limits to default in the web interface


  • MP7 reconfigured
  • baseprice adjustments to several rifles and pistols (Saiga .308, HK MR762, HK G3A3ZF, HK G36, PP-19 Bizon, Glock 18, Freedom Arms Model 83)
  • correction of Freedom Arms Model 83's recoil
  • baseprice of 'Mowag Eagle III' and 'Fennek JFST' reduced
  • increased baseprice of "B1 Centauro"
  • new weapon configuration for submarines of 'Sang-O' class
  • fixed range of laser sensors in Cobra and Tiger helicopters
  • fixed damage dealt with some mounted MG against heavy attack helicopters
  • issues with the range of Anti-Air artillerie guns fixed
  • added new text-language: Portuguese (Translations done by IgorWarrior)
  • added new waving AGS
  • added new 'Thanks' AGS
  • the medikit stimpack takes less time to apply now
  • medikit stimpack lasts slightly longer now
  • healing players is rewarded with more money now
  • accoustic decoys are a bit less effective now
  • radar range of wheeled tanks (Centauro, Rooikat) set to 300m (half radius of minimap)
  • engine settings of Fennek improved
  • fixed lean of submarines
  • maneuverability of Seawolf airplane reduced
  • added altimeter for seawolf pilot
  • fixed position of WSO-seat in the F-15
  • resistances of buildings vs. various cannons rebalanced
  • turn and corner behaviour of Infauna and BTR-70 improved

Models / Textures

  • BRDM-2 with BPU-1 turret re-introduced
  • added new object ship wreck


  • Maps removed:
    • Dogfight
    • Hell Valley (people will no longer be able to get vehicles on infantry map Village)
    • Invasion
    • Vodka
    • Cross River
  • added two new maps: Todra Gorge, Winterspring
  • implemented some optimizations to map Wayne Island
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