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Strategic Command WWII Assault on Democracy

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Fury Software
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patch 1.01

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:


- fixed a controlled movement error that would cause a CTD when scrolling the map beyond the range of the highlighted unit movement area (Strategiclayabout)
- fixed an AI amphibious movement error that would cause a CTD (Robert Hatcher)
- fixed a TCP/IP game play error that would cause a CTD (Catacol Highlander)
- fixed a scorched earth calculation error (llhnickerson)
- fixed a WAR ENTRY script error that was not properly checking for conditional alignments (Eisenhammer)
- fixed a FoW unit movement error for when Major nations are on the map but currently fully 'Neutral' politically
- new unit placements can now only be placed at resources connected by rail to either a Capital or Industrial Center
- research breakthrough threshold adjusted from 30% to 45% (Bill R.)
- HQs in Auto-Assist mode will no longer have attachments re-assigned to front line units unless they are out of range of the 'parent' HQ
- adjusted AI Fighter/Medium Bomber attacks against ground targets so that the AI will skip attacks with potentially higher losses for these units
- adjusted AI Fighter/Medium Bomber/Carrier attacks against ground targets so that the AI will skip attacks with potentially higher losses for these units (steel32)


- fixed a Light Carrier display error in the Combat Target dialog that showed 'operational range' instead of 'intercepts' (mcaryf1)
- fixed a DECISION EVENT error that had the Editor incorrectly looking for a FREINDLY_POSITION
- fixed a resource AA upgrade error that would cause a crash to the desktop (mcaryf1)


1939 World At War
- fixed the name of the German VXI Corps as it is not a proper Roman Numeral (llhnickerson)
- fixed several SURRENDER #1 events related to DE 602 and French Polynesia and the French West Indies (steel32)
- fixed the Indian National Army UNIT event for Japan after the fall of Singapore (numdydar)
- fixed an Italian surrender in East Africa popup error (Robert Hatcher)
- fixed a SURRENDER_1 event that missed some Moroccan tiles for the Vichy France events (Monsterclaude)
- fixed a neutral island that is now set to Japan that could be found between Tinian and Guam (Monsterclaude)
- fixed several AI FLEET scripts so that US naval units should no longer travel near Japan until later in the war (numdydar)
- fixed a weather zone error for Paris (Strategiclayabout)
- fixed several Chinese Army names that ended in 'th' that should have ended in 'st' or 'nd' or 'rd' (Robert Hatcher)
- fixed the northern border between Norway and the USSR so that they now meet (Robert Hatcher)
- fixed the German road heading south to Italy that previously passed through Switzerland(Strategicallyabout)
- added east/west loops in Mexico (Robert Hatcher)
- added a rail line from Chungking to Chengdu (Duke of York)
- added a 3 strength BB for Italy in February 1940 to arrive via the P/Q (Abukede, Bill R.)
- added a road and rail from Germany to Zagreb (numdydar)
- added 2 new DECISION events to handle the UNIT coastal garrisons for either a German or Allied invasion of Norway (crispy131313)
- added Kursk to the map as a town and adjusted the terrain around Kursk and Kharkov to be mostly hills and less forest (Monsterclaude)
- added several hills northwest of Rzhev
- added several marsh tiles near Velikiye Luki and southeast of Novograd
- changed a Japanese Army that was set to arrive on the P/Q on December 1, 1939 to October 1, 1940
- changed a Japanese Army that was set to arrive on the P/Q on March 3, 1940 to December 1, 1940
- Wainright HQ now a US unit as opposed to Japanese unit (numdydar)
- Malta SUPPLY event adjusted to take into account the status of Egypt as well as to remove Alexandria and Cairo from the event (mcarfy1)
- port at Anchorage now accessible/attackable by both the Axis and Allied navies (Monsterclaude)
- Vichy France territory amended so that it will be possible for the Axis to reach Spain without having to invade Vichy France (abukede; Catacol Highlander).
- Japanese SNLF at Naha now set to arrive via P/Q January 1941
- POPUP for June 1940 added to remind the Japanese player that war with the Allies will be inevitable and to properly prepare for it (abukede)
- minimum supply and minimum connection supply set to 3 for land operational movement so as to not limit these options in the USSR, this will also help with German supply in the USSR as well (Catacol Highlander)
- UK and US Amphibious Warfare action point increments increased to 2 tiles for each new Level of Amphibious Warfare research
- all naval Loop scripts now have a minimum of 2 finish positions (Catacol Highlander).
- it is now possible to access Anchorage by sea (MonsterClaude).
- supply scripts relating to Italian supply in Abyssinia amended to correctly reflect that they are tied in to ownership of Cairo, rather than Alexandria.
- duplicated Soviet Winter event removed from the Murmansk area.
- river Thames added in the UK, and the river Po in Italy (Eisenhammer).
- the river Nile's route has been amended slightly near Cairo (Eisenhammer).
- Chinese AI PURCHASE scripts amended to better reflect likely/historical Chinese purchases but still with the possibility, lowered percentage, that non-historical purchases might still be made (numdydar)
- UK DIPLOMACY scripts adjusted so that the UK will no longer invest in Diplomacy during an enemy invasion of its home island (numdydar)
- UK PURCHASE scripts adjusted so that the UK is more likely to purchase a few defensive Corps and Armies to counter a possible amphibious invasion early in the game (numdydar)
- UK now set to a maximum of Level-3 Anti-Tank to be consistent with all other majors (SeaMonkey)
- Baku removed from the Soviet Industrial Centers list
- Chinese IM increased to 60% from 55%
- Italian NM now set to 30000 from 20000 (steel32)
- UK Commonwealth units from Egypt will now continue to fight once Egypt surrenders (jjdenver)
- Norwegian territorial coastal waters now adjusted so that having Allied naval units just outside of the convoy lanes will no longer affect Norwegian mobilization towards the Axis (ludi1867)

Flatiron 1943
- Added blockade loops for Axis (Honch)
- Corrected port bombings event
- Adjusted Allied naval A.I.
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