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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Patch 9.8

Author: Administrator Date: 14.08.17 System:

(+) signs denote changes only available if  you play Plus version , which introduces gameplay changes to the original game.

v9.8                                                     13.08.2017


+Lowered damage of both rifles and restored original stats to basic.

+Corrected auras of NPCs at Confession, junkyard, pier and library.

+Modified enemies in maze mausoleum and added a connection to Patty.

+Fixed dead dog biting, some map details and added a Tourette line.

+Removed civilian Humanity losses and increased Dementation 2 range.

+Improved stat messages for Auspex, Fortidude, Potence and Protean.

+Updated radio subtitles and SDK, thanks miracle.flame and Psycho-A.

+Fixed Andrei problems when you meet him in the Hallowbrook Atrium.

+Added fleshy ball to King's Way for a final poster quest from Gary.

+Improved Lasombra and other minor model issues, thanks to DDLullu.

+Changed Copper quest to success when you intimidated him for money.

+Moved chewing gum to arcade and animated machines, thanks DDLullu.

+Gave Jezebel a .38 too so she can hurt you when you are on the bed.

Fixed dripping sound loop at ending and misleading Jeanette email.

Disabled the background music when you talk to Gary in the warrens.

Fixed Slater dialogue loop and other minor dialogue and text bugs.

Restored a Milligan line and created necessary license item for it.

Corrected infamous Skyeline bug and Giovanni crypt map transition.

Added Blood Boil explosion sound and increased decal view distance.

Replaced Python update with map sources and improved other Extras.

Corrected mirrored crates textures and fixed two warrens stairways.

Fixed eyes in Lily cutscene and raised club outside music volumes.

Reset clothing using console and improved werewolf blood quest log.

Added drop_type1or2MDL decompressor for models, thanks to DDLullu.

Fixed basic Potence not stacking and removed second effect in plus.

Added missing ladder-climbing sounds to several recompiled levels.

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