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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Patch 10.1

Author: Administrator Date: 19.11.2018 System:
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    • Date: 18.01.2019


    • Date: 21.12.2018

      I don't understand, I am using UP 10.2 Is it a Fake version?

    • Date: 11.12.2018


    • Date: 06.12.2018


    • Date: 06.12.2018


    • Date: 03.12.2018

      Hi, we want to add the Turkish language option to the game. But there's a little problem. There are no Turkish characters in the game. Can you add that to the next patch? Or can you tell me how it was added?

    • Date: 24.11.2018

      I am also experiencing the bug when you drop down the nosfertu warrens from warrens 4 - the nos warrens wouldnt load. you just fall to the bottom on the pit

    • Date: 21.11.2018

      Is this the final release of 10.1?

    • Date: 19.11.2018

      If anybody's having issues accessing the file, open the link in a new tab.

    • Date: 14.11.2018

      all i get is a white box

    • Date: 13.11.2018

      (last post was mine)ok now that I read Wesp5's post on Moddb "That is a known issue of the earlier RCs. Install RC3 on top and continue from a save before you went to the Giovannis... " I managed to get past that bug and continue my playthrough, but now the game seem to be broken:
      - couldnt continue Occultish Personality, the doors cant be opened
      - couldnt continue Night at the Library, the Santa Monica pier is closed by police and the body of the serial killer is there
      - when I returned to my SM haven I watched the cutscene as Mercurio dragged himself into his apartment and there he lied on his sofa covered in blood

      So basically the game somehow reset to an earlier state

      I really appriciete the effort you guys put into UP, please keep up the good work and make it less buggier.

    • Date: 13.11.2018

      I too have experienced the same bug when I press "E" on the sarcophagus it takes me outside giovanni mansion with no cutscene and there is an invisible wall so you cant get past the gates. I searched for a solution for this bug, but only found others having the same bug:

      <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/vtmb/comments/9rrpen/giovanni_mansion_glitch/" title="https://www.reddit.com/r/vtmb/comments/9rrpen/giovanni_mansion_glitch/">https://www.reddit.com/r/vtmb/comments/9rrpen/giovanni_mansion_glitch/</a>

    • Date: 12.11.2018

      hey guys! i really appreciate all the work you do but i encountered a game breaking bug in the giovanni mansion after clicking on the sarcophagus. A loading screen should pop up but instead it teleports you outside of the mansion and you get stuck. D:

    • Date: 12.11.2018

      One question. Is necesary download all the other patches for install this and play normally?

    • Date: 11.11.2018

      How do i start the game with the patch applied? The patch installer tells me he created some executables, but it did not. The only executable is the original one and that obviously does not start the game with the patch on it.

    • Date: 31.10.2018

      If you can't open the link right click the link and press open in new tab

    • Date: 31.10.2018

      takes me to an invalid site any help

    • Date: 31.10.2018

      it takes me to what looks like an invalid site when I click download any advice

    • Date: 31.10.2018

      Thanks for all your hard work! I ran into a few problems wasn't sure if there was a forum or something for this. I have the GOG version of the game which i update to the latest patch version 10.1 rc3 during the warrens I decide to not use the short cut just to see the whole game and got to the end and went down the hole but it just lets be drop to the bottom. Doesn't load the next map which i assume is the Nof's Lair. I loaded a older save and used the shortcut just to get past that part. Now at Govanni's mansion i managed to talk my way through all of it and fought just the 2 brother's at the bottom but once i click on the sarcophagus it just loads me outside the front mansion gate with no way to proceed from there. Thanks again for all that you do.

    • Date: 30.10.2018

      All I get when I click download is a blank white box.

    • Date: 29.10.2018

      Thanks for all the hard work!

      I'm using the linux-loader.sh script to play the game on linux mint and the game tends to freeze during loading every so many loading screens. Not a big issues, but kind of breaks the flow when having to restart the game every time.

      But it looks great, no problems besides that one so far.

    • Date: 26.10.2018