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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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Patch 10.3

Author: Administrator Date: 28.04.19 System:

leading (+) signs denote changes only available if you play with Plus Edition features.

v10.3                                                  18.04.2019


+Made magic projectile of fatguys do aggravated damage like Ming's.

+Corrected plus and basic Arthur lines and fixed Gimble phone bug.

+Added Unofficial Patch contributors to credits and restored basic.

+Fixed note in tattoo parlor and teleporting of Confession dancer.

+Removed Humanity gain of serial killer if you kill him afterwards.

+Swapped Colt Anaconda and Desert Eagle damage and added .38 kick.

+Improved Sabbat ending and choice dialogues, thanks burgermeister.

+Made Obfuscator appear after warehouse and adjusted maximal ammo.

+Restored fridge model and Giovanni spirit texture, thanks DDLullu.

+Added some food plates and film can textures, thanks to Psycho-A.

+Fixed Gary's blood packs, and dialogues of Boris, Phil and Slater.

+Restored Bloodlines name to main menu logo, thanks Candy Narwhal.

+Added Blood Malady effect for supernaturals immune to Blood Theft.

+Updated Ash, Copper and Serial quest states when you failed them.

+Changed medical emails conditions and guard sounds away from cops.

+Readded Bedlam and Mass Suicide disciplines, thanks EntenSchreck.

+Removed second CIS computer password and restored many new models.

+Restored full mission impossible, jewelry and Ming combat tracks.

+Reskinned Beckett's wolf form to look more real, thanks Zer0morph.

Fixed breakable observatory stairs, and Dragon's Breath max ammo.

Improved dialogues of Cal, Carson, Isaac, Lily, VV and of Malcolm.

Restored old diner map and improved vampire.exe, thanks Psycho-A.

Deleted Coffee Shop and Smoke Shop door handles from hub in basic.

Fixed Gangrel and Toreador female hands, thanks MooCHa and Jenya.

Disabled plus lines of Bertram, Jack, Heather, Carson and LaCroix.

Corrected some sounds and fixed internal issues, thanks Psycho-A.

Fixed Tommy fix and restored several weapons parameters for basic.

Removed seminude prostitute from SM again and from Chinatown too.

Restored beachhouse PC difficulty and locked Tung's tank in basic.

Improved elevator display and climbing back in vent at SM clinic.

Fixed map holes outside Ocean House and lowered ghost music there.

Corrected overlapping music and several portals at the warehouse.

Covered trigger texture inside Ocean House and removed a laughter.

Fixed warrens doors, restored whispers and removed rats in basic.

Moved Club Confession's restroom and fixed cash register lighting.

Corrected Romero leaving and unlocked Red Spot backdoor in basic.

Fixed minor hospital issue and Dane computer text and screenshots.

Removed Larry's floats in basic patch and made them less in plus.

Unlocked junkyard kennels for basic and removed Sin Bin plus logs.

Fixed LOD effect in Chinatown hub and improved the Giovanni well.

Restored visibly vanishing Gary and removed zombie fleeing sounds.

Swapped blade and thrower and restored two ghouls to Hallowbrook.

Removed King's Way cat sounds and Blood Hunt heli sounds in basic.

Hid a wall hole during taxi ride and removed all special letters.

Corrected ModDev Guide detail and updated SDK, thanks to Psycho-A.

Restored basic dialogue popup and Ocean House Malkavian whispers.

Fixed a hitman problem and removed some unnecessary SM hub blocks.

Swapped pictures of restored Ocean House and Halloween newspaper.

Removed plus Hallowbrook sound and warehouse intro music in basic.

Fixed combat music on blood hunt map and duplicated Therese line.

Removed plus inspection in the Tattoo Shop and sound for clothing.

Corrected reel to reel at Grout's mansion and stuck museum guard.

Fixed distraction of Giovanni backdoor guard and minor map issues.

Restored three Heather lines, two Lily lines, and subtitle names.

Fixed hit blood spatters and thin bloods leaving beachhouse beach.

Repaired model, texture, sign and sound details, thanks Psycho-A.

Fixed wrong stalker voices and a dead NPC hearable at beach house.

Corrected all phone animations and export script, thanks DDLullu.

Repaired Venture Tower elevator, portals and Giovanni zombie trap.


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