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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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Patch 10.4

Author: Administrator Date: 24.07.19 System:

leading (+) signs denote changes only available if you play with Plus Edition features

v10.4                                                  22.07.2019


+Restored clipboard to SM clinic and made Fu switch turn alarm off.

+Prolonged Brainwipe and restored Sleep and Command Flee or Leave.

+Changed Deaf history and corrected minor dialogue and text issues.

+Added sounds to Veil of Madness, Blood Theft and Dragon's Breath.

+Enhanced variety of sound schemes by restoring twenty-nine sounds.

+Restored sounds to Mitnick's keyboard, Yukie and temple teleport.

+Made Knox take Gimble's licence and Luca keep any used invitation.

+Fixed Zhao being alive and Bruno being killed quest log problems.

+Changed order of levels in the library quest, thanks Vaarna_Aarne.

+Made tube box sellable and removed three more items after quests.

+Restored killer's side of phone call in diner and two leave lines.

+Removed dog if Mercurio pacified beachhouse and cop cars on pier.

+Unlocked stage door at Empire Hotel and fixed pier murder problem.

+Delayed tutorial guard popup and fixed exploit at werewolf blood.

+Restored a King's Way room and copied Die My Darling song to pier.

+Added way to feed of Arthur after his quest and fixed some hairs.

+Made Mandarin and Arthur glasses plus and added Grout's wife aura.

+Improved disciplines casting hand switch, thanks to EntenSchreck.

+Made seductive feeding multiple times of Phil and Romero possible.

+Increased flamethrower ammo and made Larry more immune to fights.

+Improved library quest notes and location of teeth marks in intro.

Prevented Dima from vanishing and Hollywood prostitute talk-loop.

Fixed Bach encounter exploit and moved Ming sanctum XP to sanctum.

Added missing Tawni's TV sound and removed some lens reflections.

Restored Courier and Mercurio lines and removed more auto-endings.

Corrected wrong zombie sounds and fixed walkthrough inaccuracies.

Improved Tseng shelf weapons and SDK, thanks DDLullu and Psycho-A.

Fixed crouching Blood Hunt enemies and early sewer Ash exit talk.

Restored breaking and machine sounds to observatory and SM clinic.

Added crane sounds to warehouse and changed crane sounds on Dane.

Improved Ocean House breaking wood, fling, noise and beach sounds.

Restored a Dane cop call, two Nadia lines and fixed her cowering.

Fixed transparent girders at warehouse and other minor map issues.

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