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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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Patch 10.8

Author: Administrator Date: 09.02.21 System:

(+) sign denotes changes only available if you install the patchs plus features

v10.8                                                  08.02.2021
+Improved the turnstile at Club Confession, thanks to EntenSchreck.
+Corrected trigger, sound and badly lit wall at Hallowbrook Hotel.
+Updated tutorial security guard's voice-overs, thanks to Chalvrek.
+Delayed Vick's arena exit and made Tawni's boyfriend holster gun.
+Added exits to Sheriff roof fight and made his sword easy to find.
+Removed whispers, cables and encounters in Subtly Insane history.
+Made it easier to return items and improved other dialogue issues.
+Added morgue entry for Doris and Krimeputer entry for beachhouse.
Removed redundant and duplicate tools from the Player Mods folder.
Restored a line of Mandarin and fixed issues with Nadia in crypt.
Fixed Venture Tower icon and holes and made glass roof accessable.
Reset Gangrel sheet stances and Glaze combat area in basic patch.
Locked endgame Skyeline vents and fixed floating or clipping junk.
Fixed sticky floor, bad camera angles and other minor map issues.
Disabled Arthur's privat computer and movement in the basic patch.
Added sign to Hollywood cemetery gate and fixed name in computer.
Fixed a temple trap trigger and covered bad Society rock textures.
Adjusted cabbie endgame lines and removed Ash sewers auto-ending.
Fixed virus and timer issues on returning to the Kamikaze Zen map.
Corrected Tremere haven condition, tutorial windows and a ladder.
Fixed texture flickering on downtown washer and courier shoe hole.
Made every armed NPC in downtown fight back when you attack them.
Corrected Blade Brother name in basic and Luckee Star body issues.
Removed disciplines when talking to the Mandarin at Fu Syndicate.
Added model Formatter to convert models to SDK, thanks to DDLullu.
Made SDK work with new or open source Java, thanks Caner Özdemir.

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