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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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Patch 10.9

Author: Administrator Date: 25.07.21 System:


The default Basic Patch fixes bugs mostly and restores only a bit of

content to be close to the original. The Plus Patch (+) adds various

tweaks and lots of content. The Patch Extras include a SDK and more!


(+) sign denotes changes only available if you play with Plus Patch


v10.9                                                  16.07.2021


+Improved braid icon and four models boundaries, thanks to Norrwin.

+Restored way to kill Vandal and improved other SM clinic details.

+Improved Dragon's Breath and vehicle models, thanks to endthewars.

+Removed Pisha snack reward and fixed Persuasion of Phil and Stan.

+Restored tutorial Jack end animation and repaired SM crying Jenny.

+Improved controls options menu and settings text for widescreens.

+Removed Kent's driver license item to restore Fatguy melee attack.

+Made Patty go behind Confession and fixed a few turnstile issues.

+Removed Mercurio's car from hub if you snitched on him to LaCroix.

+Restored wine and cowering interesting places, thanks endthewars.

+Made books sellable again due to real exploit fix, thanks Norrwin.

+Restored beachhouse video game fighters and Gangrel sheet stance.

+Made Blood Boil stun enemies and unarmed Giovanni guests run away.

+Moved Hallowbrook GLOCKs to secret room and made Firemage defend.

+Added two Tremere Domination and female Malkavian intro particles.

+Fixed idle animations issues and a hole in female Malkavian hair.

+Restored Humanity gain for Mercurio's money and XP gain for basic.

Fixed conversation triggers and movement afterwards on five maps.

Repaired Nadia standing up again and restored zombie death sounds.

Removed floating Chinatown lights and blocked jumping on trailer.

Fixed vanishing severed arm and henchman hair, thanks to Barrabah.

Added links for beta videos to Restoration Doc, thanks to tarulu.

Fixed Fortitude ghoul, Lasombra teleport and walls at Hallowbrook.

Corrected LODs, transitions and inspections at Hallowbrook Hotel.

Added Mod Launcher tool to easily select mods, thanks to Psycho-A.

Gave knive to Bishop Vick and made Jezebel .38 fix part of basic.

Updated BSPSource and NirCmd, thanks to atrblizzard and Nir Sofer.

Restored and corrected junk details on many maps, thanks Norrwin.

Made Tseng hide his guns faster and Carson's killing being logged.

Fixed being stuck on warrens gate and added ammo to Society roof.

Corrected critical Python script and removed several guard floats.

Made hunters attack Tung and Barabus turn off Potence more often.

Fixed pier water, warehouse ladder and several interesting places.

Repaired two downtown map holes and shortened .38 tutorial popup.

Corrected Boris lines, walkthrough mistakes and other text issues.

Removed restored Ocean House sun music and some lines from basic.

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