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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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Patch 11.1 (unofficial)

Author: Administrator Date: 18.04.22 System:

This patch includes the latest official patch (v1.2) and can be installed upon any prior patch by Wesp5. It is recommended to start a new game instead of trying to resume an older savegame once the patch is installed.


(+) signs denote changes only available to you if you play the Plus Version, which adds changes to the game - the Standard Version only fixes bugs in the game.


v11.1                                                  14.04.2022


+Restored film canister, blood vial and video tape, thanks Norrwin.

+Fixed encounter in Chinatown and spawning vampire at Hallowbrook.

+Made dumpsters hollow and fixed many more physics, thanks Norrwin.

+Modified alarm clock time and moved stealth book from 507 to 505.

+Moved burning barrel at Hallowbrook and fixed linked temple doors.

+Added final quest logs for Royal Flush and removed it from basic.

+Removed game sounds from Ground Zero and fixed Vesuvius lap dance.

+Disabled Strike and Beetle cast animations against supernaturals.

+Restored hanging corpse to Kanker's sewer, thanks to EntenSchreck.

+Made sewers water green and added way out of a warrens lair pond.

+Modified King's Way to be more consistent between video and level.

+Restored Trip's quest bonus weapon and changed Larry's to an Uzi.

Disabled Disciplines when entering the Gallery to avoid particles.

Added fire to observatory map mountain when it should be visible.

Prevented bug if Malkavians speak with the TV when Jack is around.

Replaced not damaging barrel fires in warrens with normal lights.

Fixed floors at Leopold Society and Venture Tower, thanks Norrwin.

Made drug box sellable in basic and beachhouse guard thug attack.

Fixed bounding boxes for long boxes in warehouse and Society maps.

Improved Dane whale scene and the sewer map icon, thanks Norrwin.

Fixed VV, Tung, Phil, Romero, Prince, Knox, Cal and Ash dialogues.

Prevented conversations continuing after disruption on some maps.

Repaired minor Kamikaze Zen, Hollywood hub and warrens map issues.

Fixed some temple container lids clipping into walls or sleepers.

Removed sick bum spawner once the plague bearers have been killed.

Reverted a Sin Bin password and fixed warrens flow control issue.

Fixed Samantha staying if you stopped her early with a discipline.

Corrected SDK script to edit models with Blender, thanks DDLullu.

Repaired sound of Mitnick typing and wrong Russian lines of Boris.

Fixed Nines appearing early in intro for Nosferatu and taxi clip.

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