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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Patch 11.3 (unofficial)

Author: Administrator Date: 27.02.23 System:

This patch includes the latest official patch (v1.2) and can be installed upon any prior patch by Wesp5. It is recommended to start a new game instead of trying to resume an older savegame once the patch is installed.

The default Basic Patch installation fixes bugs mostly and restores only a bit of content to be close to the original. The Plus Patch (+) adds various tweaks and lots of content. The Patch Extras include a SDK and more! To install the patch choose the Bloodlines directory as destination, select options and then start the game from the shortcuts it adds to both desktop and start menu. 


+Added way to replay maps as a vampire hunter, thanks EntenSchreck.

+Improved hunter messages, particles and Numina and added praying.

+Increased Elder Vitae amount to ten and restored basic bloodpacks.

+Made player leave museum after meeting Beckett, thanks to Malkav.

+Disabled Heather quest failure log if you did not start the quest.

+Added artificial voices to hunter missions, thanks to VoiceMaker.

+Increased Dragon's Breath firing rate and added projectile sounds.

+Changed temple Chang brother and removed guard outside of museum.

+Made Johnny react to failed sneak and patched warehouse container.

+Added key to skip short cutscenes and freezes, thanks to Norrwin.

Hid normal player model when player was killed as Gangrel warform.

Fixed Romero, Kanker, Razor, Vandal, killer and more text issues.

Edited scripts/liblist.gam so mods need no dlls directory anymore.

Made it possible to listen multiple times to two answer machines.

Removed Giovanni dishes quest log for basic and fixed walkthrough.

Fixed Hallowbrook fire barrel, goon and other minor level issues.

Restored patrols in Blood Hunt map and swapped some weapons there.

Fixed patrol cop missing from Chinatown Hub after the Kiki scene.

Improved reflections in Kanker's lair big hall, thanks to Norrwin.

Removed Giovanni party sounds if you alerted the mansion outside.

Corrected texture issues at Gimble's, Tattoo shop and Ocean House.

Fixed Dane sprites, Society map hole and Pisha's victim reaction.

Improved mod loader for Linux resolution support, thanks Psycho-A.

Fixed climbing vent covers and dialogue issues of Pisha and Lily.

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