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Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory

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Patch 2.13

Author: Administrator Date: 19.10.20 System:

1. The CODE. Major Campaign Game historically & militarily accurate key features upgrade. (Two27) This is the heart of v2.13. The Campaign code improvements. Folks have been asking the BDG to "Fix the Campaign!" for 20 years. This is now being done. Two27 started working on the Campaign for v2.12. His v2.13 code work now makes BoBII a militarily & historically real Simulation of the Battle of Britain. He still has more Campaign work he wants to do to get it even better for the next upgrade.

2. Historically accurate new terrain mapping in many areas of England especially around key English aircraft factories and docks. (PV)

3. More new historically accurate factories and docks built as they were in 1940. (Stickman)

4. Historically accurate representation of AA Command's AAA defenses in south England. (Stickman)

5. MULTISKIN aircraft now completed, including the LW Lehr units that were part of the Battle of Britain. (Cherkassov54)

6. Many old textures made better by BDG and Player folk, for aircraft, effects, terrain, etc. (Boreas, Hazzie, Scoobared, Stickman)

7. Spanish language help for the Manual and Campaign Help files. (Arquillos and Basilisco)

8. Cockpit gauges fixed and calibrated (Stickman)

9. Our first use of the unused ShpBin5 folder, and new historical 3D objects for Calais, plus new dock-side objects. (Vramesh) Vramesh joined the BDG just recently, then he had to retire and take care of his family. Good 3D modeller. He is missed. We got unused ShpBin5, ShpBin6, and ShpBin7 folders. Room enough for about 750 new 3D objects that we can put into BoBII. Alas...no 3D modeller folks with us.

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