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Das Schwarze Auge: Nordlandtrilogie - Schicksalsklinge

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Patch 1.01

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

Version 1.01: "Day One Patch"

Game: Improved loading procedure

Game: Savegames could be currupted after a fight. Won't happen again.
Game: Savegame overwrite confirmation added
Game: Reworked the Partymanagement-Screen
Game: Class specific Name-Generators added
Game: Display group wealth in trade windows
Game: Split and Merge group fixed
Game: MainQuest improved and fixed
Game: Added missing voiceovers for Mainquest Dialogs
Game: Used better Footstep Sounds (different for walk and run)
Game: Minimap Icons fixed, especially Temple and Trader icons
Game: Improved Occlusion Cullings in Cities and Dungeons
Game: Extended Ingame Help, made it Available with the “Panicbutton” F1
Game: Mainmap Fixes for Swafnild Egilsdotter
Game: Hunger and Thirst rebalanced
Game: Mousecursor fix
Game: improved death screen
Game: Added Continue Button for the Main Menu
Game: Intro flawed Camera fix

Tech: Intel HD4000 fix: Tooltips
Tech: Keyboard-Input with the NumBlock fixed
Tech: CE-Patcher fixed

Fight: Movementpoints calculation improved (incl. change of weapons)
Fight: Fall over correctly when hit.
Fight: Improved Collisions to prevent character handling.
Fight: NPCs can now become unconsious (or dead)
Fight: Confirmation required, if player wants to attack friendly characters.
Fight: User Interface (HUD) Update.
Fight: Number of unlocked opponent avatars increased
Fight: Reworked Opponent Portraits

Map: New and better 2D-Map integrated.
Map: Turn around fixed
Map: Speedboats fixed
Map: Userflags temporarily removed
Map: More Random Events added and base for much more events integrated

Character Screen: Added Autoequip
Character: Drunk now lasts 10 hours... not 10 days
Character: Enhanced Levelups (Sounds, Guidance, Window design)
Character: Improved Status display on Character Images
Character: NPC and Partymember could die - fix
Character: Fixed starting Equipment
Character: Improved portraits
Character: Extended Avatar Materials

Villages: Improved all 52 villages and 50 dungeons
Villages: New Imman-Stadion in Thorwal
Villages: Added additional house-content
Villages: Sounds for Special Buildings (e.g. Taverns)
Villages: Tavern, Skill usage added
Villages: School of Farsight, Armory added and placed
Villages: Stoerrebrandt's Offices fixed
Villages: Ugdalf-Dialog improved
Villages: HUD in Tyldon fixed
Villages: All harbors fixed
Villages: Added Harbor Bells
Villages: Added separate for Blacksmiths
Villages: Added Triggered Sounds for Animals

Items: Some new items to use added.
Items: Item-Information improved.
Items: Made Items stackable

Camps: Search for Herbs rebalanced
Camps: Enhanced feedback
Camps: Meditation added
Camps: Guards, some fixes
Camps: Some sounds added (also in dungeons)
Camps: Regeneration-Bonus added for suits and single-rooms
Camps: “Really sleep” Dialog simplified
Camps: Cancel Camp button for nature camps
Camps: Fights trigger correctly

Dungeons: Some sounds added
Dungeons: Basic Fixes based on betatests
Dungeons: Cancel Cast Formanen fixed
Dungeons: Corrected Final Dungeon reachability and Dialogs

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