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Das Schwarze Auge: Nordlandtrilogie - Schicksalsklinge

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crafty Studios
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Patch 1.04

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

Patch 1.04 - 31. Juli 2013

  • Fights: Fix random Crashes
  • Fights: Remember Player Fight Avatar setup (new Characters only)
  • Fights: Fix Turn and Zoom buttons
  • Character: All-to-Parry fix for new Characters
  • Character: Fix delete Character despite of Cancel
  • Character: Fix Scrollbar in Partymanager after first refresh
  • Character: Remove Levelup positive Attribute can fail
  • Character: Lore Talents Levelup max improve 3 points instead of 2
  • Character: Magician can now increase his schooled skills 3x (and try 5x)
  • Character: After Levelup Display Bugs removed
  • Tavern: Fix stealing response text, fix cheating result (latter: german only)
  • Translation: fix half-translated character screen
  • Trader: 999D Bug fixed
  • Character: Fix Editor messing up Character Images - not reproduceable anymore
  • Fights: Fix Camping Fightstart problems
  • Villages: Guards in Thorwal changed
  • Villages: Rovik Harbor update
  • Trader:Fixed choose but don’t pay for Items
  • Fights: Changed Damagetype of Ignifaxius from Magical to Fire
  • Character: Fix Item Description bug
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