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Das Schwarze Auge: Nordlandtrilogie - Schicksalsklinge

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Patch 1.36

Author: Administrator Date: 24.04.16 System:


Be my friend, Meek you be and Master of animals end as soon as the affected characters are attacked by their new friends or when they get casted a negative spell on

Mummies and wood gnomes receive double damage from fire

Demons, ghosts and undead received several spell immunities

Demons, ghosts and undead do not receive damage from poisons any more

Reduced size of Snowflakes in Winter and Butterflies in Summer

Headgear now has protection values from cold and wet

The travia amulet is not magical any more (better fits the lore)

The crystal ball now grants buffs for all farsight spells

Salpicons tiara now grants buffs to influence spells of category domination

There are more different "good weapons" in Daspota now

Reduced prerequisites to be able to read certain recipes

Several text windows now display modifications to the party wallet

The console now shows modifications to the party wallet

The console now shows modifications to god grace

The skald received a base magic resistance of 0

Nancy in Phexcaer received an adaption to her name

The item information window now uses two image buttons for "equip" and "throw away"


The existing dungeons are now available for modding without needing to overwrite the base game setup

Items can now receive up to 3 modable action buttons

Opponents can now have initial effects, allowing for varied effects and adaptions

Effects can now contain immunities, resistances and vulnerabilities per damage type

Effects can now contain spell immunities per spell

Allowed modification of saved item-containers by script

There is now a dialog "afterNPCleave" for standard NPCs to hook it up with mods


Saved game order is now correctly sorted by save date

Portraits of Skald and Juggler remain saved

Fixed values of berserker orcnose

Fixed battle look of twohander of the wind

Dagger ritual of the druid now correctly detects full health of the druid

A summoned witch's broom doesn't cause fear in battle any more

The witch's broom cannot be spellcasted upon any more

Fixed calculation and display of the ranged combat base value

Enemies don't get confused by "harmless looK" any more

"harmless look" ends automatically if protected care does something aggressive (attack- or spellcast-attempt)

Enemies with multiple attacks cause the correct damage now

Evading big enemies now correctly consumes the parry attempt for the round

Fixed graphics bug when entering towns directly after dungeons

Crows call animation is visible in all quality settings again

Fixed Runinshavn automap

Fixed Nordvest automap for the castle

Matched Nordvest town limits with the automap

Fixed Nordvest castle gate flickering

Fixed double symbols at Angbodirtal Ferry

Fixed double symbols at Peilinen

Added signpost symbols to the Daspota automap

Fixed missing harbor tooltip at Aryn

Fixed floating house in Bodon

Fixed floating walls in Breida

Fixed floating walls in Treban

Fixed floating bench at the Efferdun inn

Fixed grounddiving woman in Aryn

Fixed column-hugging man in thorwal

Fixed sheep flock behaviour in Vilnhome

Removed wrong door symbol form spidercave minimap

Allowed healing of unconscious characters at healers

Camp talk about grimring only appears if it matches the situation

With blade and brilliance: Added new classes "Skald" and "Juggler" to the camp talk class checks

Parry is correctly consumed when failing badly in battle

Fixed wrong dialog on group death for ork encounters

With blade and brilliance: Fixed wrong dialog on group death in the nameless days encounters

Fixed wrongly resetting the "black mage's ruin" quest

For the Gods: Losing the battle for saving the rondra priest now shows the correct text

Rings can now be removed correctly from dead characters

With blade and brillance: NPC Gerbald doesn't block events any more

Rabies now reduces strength by one point after surviving it

"The Golden" withdrawal now works as intended 

Removed unused skill "forge"

Added space to life and astral energy displays in battle

Fixed some texting bugs

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