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Starpoint Gemini 2

Also known as:
Starpoint Gemini II
Little Green Man Games
Iceberg Interactive
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Patch 1.9300

Author: Administrator Date: 31.05.16 System:


  • FIXED: A potential crash during combat, if an NPC couldn't find his designated target
  • FIXED: If a Marked targed died / was unloaded from memory for whatever reason, this could cause numerous different, seemingly unrelated errors, and could even elad to the game crashing
  • FIXED: Several errors in the dialogues in the German localization
  • FIXED: Numerous minor errors in the code
  • FIXED: Several script problems that usually didn't cause anything on their own, but combined with other factors, could actually lead to the game crashing or quests breaking
  • UPDATED: The game now records more data in the game log
  • UPDATED: Optimization to reduce recurring stuttering in situations where the game WASN'T loading anything
  • UPDATED: Mod manager updated
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