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Guns of Icarus Online

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Patch 1.4.11

Author: Administrator Date: 31.03.17 System:

New content/features:

- The Ashen Scuffle joins PvP.
Take a peek at our new content in the form of a dark and deadly, although strikingly beautiful, DM map. Take your crew through this deadly landscape in both 2v2 and 3v3. Lava flows and derelict buildings await you and your crew.

- New Gun: Typhon Heavy Flak Mk. II
The old 2 shot flak of yore in a new body.  The demand was high and with new art created for it. The weapon is ready in remastered glory. Expert gunners of old and new rejoice at your chance for the most powerful and demanding weapon.

- Static Story Book
Alliance is all about factions coming together, forming alliances, and waging big wars against each other in major seasonal events.  We will be listening in on our various channels of communications from in-game chat to our lively forums to see how you are playing and role-playing as your factions.  We will look at our data and see which players have earned the most effort, bought the most reinforcements, and overall supported their factions the best.  With all this information, we will craft a unique story after each war to commemorate and recognize the events that transpired.  Join us in crafting the history of Guns of Icarus Alliance together!

- Pietro's Veil (Male and Female) for buyers of Alliance.

- New War Goal voting system
When war period begins, alliances will be automatically formed and each alliance will have 24 hours to vote on their war goal.  This replaces voting on what alliances to form, which was found to be confusing and less rewarding based on feedback gathered.  These goals range from converting the enemy’s populace by conquering a territory, enforcing a will of strength by growing to a certain size, to activating a super weapon by accruing resources.

- New underdog icon
- Match list opens if Matchmaker goes too long

- Goggles are now dyeable
Every piece of equipment is now dyeable. Show off your custom style by matching any item to your complete outfit. There are no limits save your creativity for what kind of sky pirate you want to be.

- New character customization page
New dyes, cosmetics and options gave us a lot more to play with for the character customization screen. It has been completely redone to help you design your character and your tool sets.

- New ship customization page
With 12 ready and an upcoming 13 total number of ships. The ship screen needed an update to make navigation easier. We’ve taken a major pass to improve not only the page visually, but also the usability of the page. Craft, create, and plan your ship!

- Period/Daily Rewards
We’ve add in the easiest way to earn items, rewards, and XP. Just sign into the game daily to get your latest reward. Consistent loyalty means bigger prizes. Every 5 days the system updates so if you miss a day you won’t be punished too greatly.

- Additional titles, in particular Mercenary
- Ship kill count displayed in scoreboard
- Distinct "component destroyed" sound effect for the balloon
- End Match Screen: Show faction progression for both Skirmish and Alliance
- Improved Voice Commands menu
- Added tooltips for class selection, tab settings


- Faction message panel adjusted
- Adjusted grounded flag on slopes
- Moved the Vote in Progress countdown to right below the map vote panel on the left
- 'Favorite Ship' text on profile page changed to 'Most Played Ship'
- Captain priority extended to team
- Tweaked lights on all ships
- Ladders are easier to notice

Alliance Beta (For Open Period)
- Escape Pod renamed to Enemy Supply Ship
- Alliance world map design improvements
- World UI Ease of Use adjustments
     - Icon callouts to indicate Leader choices
     - Better communication of Leader status
- Killfeed adjustments
- Flare made to trigger for drill armor break
- Marker bullets will now self destruct after a second and a half

- Balloon outline in Skyball matches is now toggle-able as spectator

- Overall balance changes to enemies, difficulty modes, and game modes  like repair rate, damage output, ramp up between Novice and Normal etc…
     - Survival: all matches are now set to 5 waves, each of which are timed.
     - Assault: in-world icons on currently active base
     - Retrieve: convoys are now tanky but move much slower, Refineries have increased health while the Final Refinery has greatly increased health
     - Defense: tweaks to Friendly Emplacement effectiveness to support more constant push of enemies


- Overlapping chat
- Recommend load-out menu appears in match
- When you die spotted, you spawn with HUD displaying as spotted
- Edit Event button leads to "Create Event" panel instead of "Edit Event"
- Help balloon while transitioning back to lobby
- Tooltips showing up off-screen in some cases
- Flickering engine when fireproof coating added
- UI elements on loading screen
- Character positioning on heavy guns

Alliance Beta (For Open Period)
- Failsafe kit starts cooldown on rebuild
- Alliance content missing in Progress screen
- Special Abilities sometimes trigger without pressing the button
- Tar bomb framerate drop on certain maps
- Tar bomb no longer sometimes hits the ship that created it
- Corsair and Crusader: Valentine's theme items placing
- Crusader: catwalk is cutting the main engine in half
- Character model positioning issue on new guns
- Crusaders: pistons are clipping
- Magnate: clipping into brass decorations
- Magnate: walking through wall
- Magnate: pistons clip through material
- Fixed some special ability configuration issues
- Fixed past leader display on unlock markers
- Fixed resource count display for the resource war goal
- Fixed reinforcement purchase error for user buffs
- World map: mission panel was not showing anything
- Missing end match for Stormbreaker ship and balloon mesh error
- Fixed bug with retrieve spawns
- Arc shield generator light flickers with lightning
- Fix to the drill models LODs (Hotfix 581)
- Shader bug that appeared to be breaking UI on some Hardware (Hotfix 581)

- Victory Defeat Notifications in Skirmish reversed

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