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Patch 1.3.2

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

- Added a new gun, the armor-melting Hades Light Cannon, that deals fire and piercing damage.
- 3 new omni-class costumes
- Added various Unlockable Achievement Challenges: guns & ship stats, map lore, and more to come in the future.  Check them out in the Books section (underneath the Progress button)
- New map! 4v4 Deathmatch, Red Sepulcher (based off of King of Flayed Hills)

- Added the ability to dye costumes!  Each costume can take up to two dye colors (primary and secondary) that affect different areas.  Dyes can be purchased through the store or unlocked with levels.  Each dye is consumable so take care when adding that extra flair to your costumes!  You can even buy multiple copies of the same costume if you want to keep different colored sets around!
- The store now has a shopping cart. Now you can check out many items at once in one Steam transaction.  Makin’ it easier to buy all the things!
- Added UI “tutorial” tooltips for first-time users (can be disabled in Options).  Will be active when the patch is downloaded so for veterans, feel free to disable.
- Added the ability to store up to three pre-made loadouts for each class or ship.  All loadouts already have items so take a look at potential metas with the weapons and features!  Or, customize your own and switch between them with ease between matches.
- Novice matches now limit ships and usable loadouts to ensure ease of learning and the most straightforward loadouts.  Low-level players are still able to play normal, unrestricted matches as well.
- Changed hit indicators: size now indicates only “weak” or “strong” hits, determined by damage multipliers vs the kind of part hit.  A red color indicates hits to the unarmored hull.  A large indicator means the weapon is strong against that part, small means the opposite.  Filled in indicator are your shots while an outlined indicator are shots made by friendlies.
- All hat or goggle items are unisex and can be worn by each gender
- You can view others’ current skill loadout in match lobby.
- You can view anyone’s public information, as well as their costumes in each class, from the player popup.
- Added a “Leave Count” for each user, incremented when that user leaves a match before it finishes (and does not reconnect).  Leave count is displayed on your public profile.
- New animated gun reticles.
- Added first person equipment switching animation.
- Added edge of map effects.
- Bounty Hunting added.  Sign up in-game to be hunted by the Guns of Icarus community and earn a special badge for being the most dangerous bounty or top bounty hunter.

- Carronade: Spread 5 degrees (from 8 ), Range 400m (from 350m), 144 Shatter for AoE (from 128)
- Heavy Carronade: Spread 4 degrees (from 6), Reload speed 5.5s (from 4s), Range 500m (from 450m), 360 Shatter AoE  (from 220)
- Heavy Flak: Max range 1440m (from 1000m), 150 Explosive Direct / 180 Explosive AoE (from 147/158)
- Gatling Gun: 5 Bullets/s (from 6.25/s)
- Flamethrower: 23.9% chance to apply 1 Fire Change on Direct Hit (from 20%)
- Artemis: Muzzle Speed 700m/s (from 675m/s), Range 1330m (from 1215m), Zoom Power 2.5 (from 2), 70 Explosive Direct (from 60)
- Mortar: Spread 1.5 degrees (from 0), Range 550m (from 1875m), Pitch and Yaw speed 65 degree/s (from 60 and 50 degree/s, respectively), 35 Explosive Direct / 60 Explosive AoE (from 20/60)
- Light Flak: Spread 1 degree (from 4), Arming Time 0.85s (from 0, arming range 300m), Range 1000m (from 790m), Scope Power 2x (from 1.5), 6 Ammo Clip Size (from 4), 2 Bullets/s (from 2.32 b/s), 45 Explosive Direct / 30 Explosive AoE (from 96/30)
- Rocket Carousel: 30 Explosive AoE (from 20), 26.4% change to apply 2 Fire Charges on AoE hit (from 22.5%)
- NEW!! Hades Light Cannon: Mid to long-range armor melting weapon with arcing shots.  0.75s arming time (150m arming range), 8 Bullet Clip, 1.25 Bullets/s, 5.5s Reload, 1400m Range, 30 Fire Direct, 40 Piercing AoE, 45% chance to apply 1 Fire Charge on Direct and 35% chance to apply 1 Fire Charge on AoE

- Pyramidion: Mass 200t (from 260t), Hull Health 700 (from 800)
- Spire: Hull Health 750 (from 650)

- Lesmok: +70% Projectile Speed (from +80%), -30% Rotation Speed (from -20%)
- Drogue Chute: Effects will now last 2s after skill is deactivated (skill is also deactivated when you leave the helm while using an item)
- Chute Vent: 65 dmg/s to Balloon (from 50)

- Level related progression tracks rescaled to slightly lower requirements and fixed ones that were impossible.  This will not reset or delete any statistics or achievements you are working on.

Fixes and Optimization
- Fixed a bug that caused Flamethrower particles to unexpectedly not hit small hitboxes
- Fixed a bug that caused guns to misfire after switching to an ammo type that lowers rate of fire (for example, Incendiary Rounds)
- Fixed a bug that automatic weapons are skipping firing sound at the 2nd burst
- Fixed a bug that switching to other gun skills changes most guns' fire sound, like it was shooting double
-Fixed a bug where at a 90-degree FOV, the player’s tool assets appeared to be floating.
-Fixed a bug on Water Hazard where clouds would not interrupt spotting

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