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Patch 1.3.3

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

- Anniversary party!  Until 11/5/13, all ships are decorated with bunting and cakes in celebration of our 1-year anniversary.
  — Dev Hour takes place everyday this week at 1pm US eastern time.
  — We’ll be in game a lot this week, culminating in a marathon stream on Destructoid’s Friday Night Fights (Friday 7pm US eastern). Other stream hours are:  4:30-5pm US eastern M, W, F.  6:30pm US eastern Tu, Th.  And Dev Fireside is at the same time this week (Friday 3pm US eastern)
- Exclusive anniversary hats are now available for a limited time.  If you login from now til 11/5, you can unlock the hats for free!
- Halloween hats (male & female) are also available now through 11/5!
- Anniversary Sale.  All Store items 75% off!  Deal lasts through…?  You guessed it, 11/5.
- Hat dyes – You can now use the same dyes you have to dye your hats as well.  From the same menu that you were using to dye your costumes, you will now see an extra selection to dye your hats.
- Text display and voices for key command system
      – Voice commands!  Featuring the voice acting of Forrest Tollen, and Jacob Burgess, and Elspeth Eastman.  4 character voices (2 male 2 female) now available when you issue commands with the V key and the command tree in match.
- Hat dye.  You can now dye your hats along with your costumes using the same dyes.
- Latency indication in match list as well as match creation.  You can now see what your ping time is to each of the server regions, so you can join or create the matches that give you the smoothest experience.
- Expanded tutorials to cover skills, weapons vs components, mini-map, tab, scope, and types of repairs.  Note:  Gunner advanced tutorial needed more bug testing, so will be hotfixed in shortly.
- Voice chat volume priority:  Captain > Party > Crew.
- New competitive section on gunsoficarus.com
It is now live and ready for teams to set up scrimmages on the calendar, see where they stand, and win a spot in the end of season tournament! 
- Display of currently loaded ammo in repair HUD
- New muzzle flash effects for each special ammo type
- Confirmation prompt when changing player name
- Clan tag clarity: Added a clan tag change button in addition to character name change in Social page.
- Shots from raycast weapons (Gatling and carronades) are no longer instantaneous (among other things, ensures Gatling effects timing lines up accurately with simulation and makes leading more intuitive.)
- New compass UI, generally clearer plus:
     – Shows control points labeled with letter and activity status
     – Ship icons are team-colored and change to indicated spotted or prioritized enemies
     – Indicates when spotted enemies are behind you
- Updated fire stack HUD, new icon when components takes more than 8 fire charges
- Timer for AFK rejoin – plugging AFK rejoin exploit
- AI now remains active until player finishes connecting or reconnecting mid-match
- In-match, ESC to clear typed chat / signal input rather than bring up menu
- In pre-game match lobby, ESC exits public profile / achievement checklist.
- Ability for GMs & Mods to close and rename matches to better enable us to troubleshoot in game as well as respond to your reports and concerns raised about match naming.
- More character locomotion animations
- Bounty indication colors in bounty board (black: claimed) and scoreboards (red class icon: bounty)
- Carronade: Range reduced to 325m (from 400m), Direct Dmg reduced to 128 Flechette (from 160)
- Heavy Carronade: Ranged reduced to 425m (from 500m)
- Mortar: Jitter increased to 3 degrees (from 1.5 degrees), Yaw Speed decreased to 30 degrees/s (from 65 degrees/s), Max range reduced to 400m (from 600m), Clip size reduced to 12 (from 16)
- Light Flak: Reduced arming time to 0.643s for an arming range of 225m (from 0.85s), Scope power increased to 2.75x (from 2x), Rate of fire increased to 2.5 bullets/s (from 2b/s)
- Gatling Gun: Jitter decreased to 3 degrees (from 3.5), Muzzle speed increased to 500m/s (from 200m/s), Range decreased to 450m (from 700m), Clip size increased to 80 (from 60), Direct damage reduced to 7.5 Piercing (from 10 Piercing)
- Hades: Increased muzzle speed to 250m/s (from 200m/s, arming range and max range same as before), AoE damage increased to 45 Piercing (from 40 Piercing)
- Field Gun and Artemis: New projectile expansion mechanic that increases projectile size over the distance it travels (linearly).  All projectiles start with 0.02m radius.  The Field Gun’s projectile will grow 1.75x larger once it reaches 1000m.  Artemis projectile will grow 1.5x times larger once it reaches 1000m.  This is an important feature as we move towards Co-op Mode (shooting small airplanes) 
- Hitboxes for guns and engines modified.  Small gun hitboxes are more rectangular so that some gun’s barrels actually fit in the hitbox now.  Engines and heavy guns modified to a lesser degree.  You will now be able to shoot the top guns on a Pyramidion more easily (on top of projectile expansion) as well as other components on ships.
- Spire: Balloon repair point moved to bottom deck, Hull repair point moved to middle deck, right-side gun angled towards the right 5 degrees, mid-deck left-side gun angled left 5 degrees, armor reduced to 400 (from 500)
- Extinguisher gains immunity to fire during its cooldown (3s).
Fixes and Optimizations:
- Characters should no longer get apparently random offsets on spawn
- Fixed a bug that could cause ammo skill switches to fail when made immediately after getting on a gun while it is reloading.
- If you get on a gun currently equipped with ammunition you do not have, it no longer starts reloading immediately (you can fire the current ammo until the next reload.)
- Fixed bug with vertical movement in spectator
- Fixed time played pie chart when only one class is displayed
- Fixed bug with buff causing health boost (10.18.13)
- Fixed missing mine balloon
- Fixed intermittent slow update in match lobbies (9.27.13)
- Fixed default key binding for signal commands not working/binding
- Fixed non-verbal commands menu calling up in chat if you press g (9.27.13)
- Fixed AI movement on Mobula
- Fixed AI gunner ammo skill usage

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