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The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing

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Neocore Games
Neocore Games
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Patch 1.1

Author: Administrator Date: 24.03.16 System:

New Features

  • Players can now reach the Active Quest in-game by using Right Stick Down
  • Added a new, dynamic button layout for the GUI

General Fixes

  • The renderer has been optimized, the game now runs more smoothly on larger maps
  • The Glory system and its UI has been fixed
  • Artifact Forge upgrades are now working properly
  • A bug causing Katarina to stay in ghost mode has been fixed, the attack style setting now works properly
  • Minor UI issues have been fixed
  • The “Show All Messages” function’s setting is now saved properly in Options
  • The deceased hardcore character status is now showing correctly
  • A bug with the “Respawn enemies” option that spawned enemies without AI has been fixed
  • The first interaction in the Secret Lair when entered from Dreadworks have been fixed
  • In the quest log, quests won’t be cut off and the main quests will now always appear first
  • Improved the interaction system for ranged characters


  • The “Unfulmigator” achievement can now be unlocked properly and it is awarded retroactively as well (players will have to load the old character to get it retroactively)


  • The Priest’s “Lost Relic” quests have been fixed: players can now enter to The Nest.
  • The “Start the Generator” quest has been fixed: there is now a fifth extra Coil in a chest at Dreadworks.
  • After beating the Drill Worm, there is now a POI added at the exit point
  • At the Fulmigati bossfight the Werewolfs now spawn correctly from the Kennel Gates


  • Players can now select the Mastery buffs properly at the skills panel and read their bonuses as intended
  • Skill descriptions for all three classes have been fixed on every supported language
  • A bug causing possible loss of the skill keybinds for the Hunter class has been fixed
  • The visual effect of Aura of Defiance’s mastery upgrade has been fixed
  • The Ghastly Shape trick has been fixed


  • The Conjurer Cloak is now displayed properly


  • The entire multiplayer system has been revised
  • Changing maps in cooperative multiplayer now requires voting
  • Progression loss issues in cooperative multiplayer have been fixed
  • Various quest and bossfight issues caused by the multiplayer code have been fixed

Battle Royal

  • Playing Battle Royal mode no longer affects players’ campaign progress
  • Passive Health regeneration has been removed
  • The Results Scoreboard has been fixed


  • The “Scenario Failed” message is now shown correctly
  • The missing POI from the scenario map is now shown correctly
  • Players are now unable to go back from a bossfight area and restart the whole scenario mission instantly
  • The time limit counter now appears correctly
  • Players can now read the mission details in the Active Quests section after starting a scenario mission
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