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Batman: Arkham Origins

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Patch 1.03

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:


  • Fixed instances of players being unable to continue save progress from the main menu after dying or restarting at certain scenarios. Users should be able to recover save games stuck in this limbo state.
  • Prevent user from entering an ‘infinite falling’ state when dying or restarting in certain scenarios. Users should be able to recover from save games stuck in this ‘infinite falling’ state.
  • [The teams are currently aware the some players are still experiencing this issue in the Firefly elevator sequence in the game and they are investigating.]
  • Fixed situation where the elevator in the GCPD Sewers could ascend without Batman.
  • Properly display the Save Icon to better match the timing of when the console performs the Save action. This should help guard against users turning the console while saving.
  • In rare cases, Free Flow Focus mode was not being unlocked properly when completing Shadow Vigilante Rank 3. This has now been resolved and players who have been affected should now have the upgrade as intended.
  • It was possible to get to a limbo state where the Black Mask Drug Stash side mission could not be completed properly if the user restarts at an awkward time during the final encounter. This has been corrected, and affected save files should no longer be in this state.
  • Also fixed an issue where a completed crime scene would not show up in the Crime Scene completion percentage (crime scene stuck at 88% in that case).
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