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Diehard Dungeon

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Patch 1

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:
  • All wall sprites have either been completely remade or improved
  • Companion chest sprites remade
  • Wall holes remade
  • Rage and Lucky bonuses now stack
  • Hand Cannon is removed on restart
  • Poison walk with key speed fixed
  • Fireproof ability collision with enemies fixed
  • Wall spike pressure pads centralised
  • Gold key scarcity fixed
  • Restart disabled if killed before companion chest acquired
  • Champion mode no longer requires a Xbox Live Gold account to unlock
  • Double-hit on wall switches (due to throwing knives ability) fixed
  • Container sprites improved
  • Trapdoor sprite remade
  • Entrance/exit sprites remade
  • Gold coin sprite remade (looks like a gold token now)
  • Various treasure chest slot screen icons remade
  • Various popups remade
  • Gold keys removed from playthrough if gold chest previously opened.
  • Various particle effects improved
  • ‘Sewer’ changed to ‘Chambers’
  • Music restart upon entering a new room fixed
  • Occasional lags/pauses due to sharing data over Live! fixed (saving will no longer happen until a game is finished)Some
  • Some containers are now pre-damaged. Your thumbs will thank me!
  • ‘Mayhem’ minigame arena changes each time you play
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