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Diehard Dungeon

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Patch 1.5

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:
  • New Minigame: Survival. Select "Objective" from the Survival menu for instructions. Survival must be unlocked with either 30 Tokens, or by attaining Diehard rank.
  • New Enemy: Spear Thrower.
  • New Enemy: Lilly.
  • New Enemy: Lilly Pod.
  • New Enemy: Eye.
  • New Enemy: Mini Eye.
  • New Companion Chest upgrade. Increased fire rate. Drops a mini chest that will either shoot standard or poison arrows at enemies, depending on enemy weaknesses.
  • New achievement: Survive 20 rooms of the Survival minigame to unlock.
  • Player collision zones greatly improved. Many enemies were not using the correct player collision zone to check against, which resulted in an incorrect collision detection.
  • Added a new Token Well drop: Companion Chest upgrade. Collect to instantly upgrade the Companion Chest.
  • Improved random room generation.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would receive instant damage upon entering a room.
  • Fixed Dungeon Master defeated achievement bug. It used to unlock before the Dungeon Master had been defeated.
  • EXP pickup now awards Diehard Points at Diehard rank.
  • Improved enemy spawning.
  • Added a white shield sprite over enemy heads to indicate immunity to status effects.
  • When fighting the Dungeon Master, the chance of a life containing blue light spawning has been decreased.
  • Many, many minor tweaks.
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