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Patch 4.00

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Version 4.00 (208311) - 2016-02-25

New Feature: Bulletin board system to keep track of offered missions.
New Feature: Major overhaul of external view (enabled menus, target elements, external view in highways, and more).
New Feature: Orders for multiple selected ships in the Property Owned menu (replaces 'Broadcast' order).
New Feature: Trade Deals menu with profit estimates.
New Feature: Economy logging and statistics.
New Feature: Time acceleration using SETA.
New Feature: New mission to obtain player ship jump drive.
New Feature: New missions to hack stations and obtain rare or valuable items.
New Feature: You can now find and craft rare weapon modifications that increase your weapon's stats when installed.
New Feature: New in-game tutorials.
• Added 'Fly to position' order selecting a position via map click (replaces 'Fly to Zone' order).
• Added ability to access various features (event monitor/info point interaction, comms, mission/trade offers, etc.) while remote controlling drones.
• Added radar while remote controlling drones.
• Added ability to claim ownerless capital ships by placing NPC on platform.
• Added current target as default destination for autopilot hotkey (Shift+A), uses mission objective as before if no target set.
• Added new Nyanae ships to Omicron Lyrae, replacing the Gigurum ships there.
• Added new Mercancias ships to DeVries, replacing the Gigurum ships there.
• Added new Xenon P ship.
• Added heat damage from engine jets.
• Added new "very hard" difficulty level.
• Added navigation skill influence on effectiveness of AI pilots.
• Added efficiency influence on cooling rate so that some weapons (e.g. Pulsed Maser) don't stop building up heat when damaged.
• Added mouse look for camera rotation in all external views and in the cockpit (default is middle mouse button).
• Added Xenon pilot self-destruct allowing ships to be claimed.
• Added notification if a player squad drone was lost or killed.
• Added missing ion and plasma resource fields to Maelstrom.
• Added NPC population to player owned stations.
• Added indication of unread entries to encyclopedia.
• Added mouse-over tooltips for various conversation options.
• Added status report notifications during boarding.
• Added new variation to mission where player must clear an area of explosives.
• Added jump drive and fuel storage to Xenon I.
• Added axis labels and visualization of jumpgate direction to holomap.
• Added drones launching from stations depending on Defence Officer skills.
• Added revealing of NPC skills when they are hired.
• Added NPC flee and retreat maneuvers based on skills.
• Added new achievements.
• Added in-game links to tutorial videos.
• Added autosave once per hour if no docking autosave takes place in that time.
• Added savegame compression.
• Removed option to replace a working architect, which broke the both of them!
• Removed restriction on number of entries in station shopping lists.
• Removed legacy shaders.
• Improved small ship AI to use boost in combat situations based on pilot skills.
• Improved behaviour when following mission target using autopilot.
• Improved HUD toggle now toggles more elements and works in more cases.
• Improved speed of medium sized ships.
• Improved gate transitions for capital ships, with better entry positions and a queue system.
• Improved missiles cycling, skipping missiles for which you currently have no ammunition.
• Improved event monitor display when picking up multiple containers in space at the same time.
• Improved upgrade menus to distinguish between capital ship primary shield generators and smaller ones.
• Improved balancing of NPC ship group sizes in Hard and Very Hard difficulty.
• Improved max skill engineers so they can now repair hull up to 100%.
• Improved mouse accuracy in menus.
• Improved station manager logic to better coordinate multiple owned ships.
• Improved highway entry/exit sounds.
• Improved balancing of ship prices (increased price of container transporters by 50%, reduced other medium sized ships by 25%).
• Improved NPC behaviour when flying through Jump Gates to clear the area.
• Improved accuracy of combat damage calculations when player is not present.
• Improved balance of pirate wings for easy and normal difficulty.
• Improved auto-aim behaviour when not firing at cursor.
• Improved docking behaviour of ships.
• Improved guided missiles flight behaviour.
• Improved target selection using gamepad controls.
• Improved text quality for smaller fonts in some rare cases.
• Improved readability of target element texts.
• Improved behaviour of ships trading with warehouse stations.
• Improved station drone launching.
• Improved mission reward balancing.
• Improved AI pathing.
• Improved mission bar positioning and appearance.
• Improved holomap presentation.
• Improved balancing, timing and behaviour of Pirate ship groups.
• Improved shielding of drone launch pad for Balor.
• Improved visibility of target arrows in external view on bright backgrounds.
• Improved radar range of all CVs from 12km to 32km.
• Improved mission guidance.
• Improved quality of local lights.
• Improved FXAA colour-correction.
• Improved crash reports to indicate whether game has been modified.
• Changed default setting for menu display from "Side Console"-mode to "HUD"-mode.
• Fixed trade ships assigned to stations not respecting their new commander's subordinate range.
• Fixed being able to issue multiple transfer orders for the same wares when using ware exchange with a station.
• Fixed another scenario that could lead to incorrect amounts of unavailable units.
• Fixed incorrect quantity of bought fuel cells on 'Refuel' order if the ship already had some fuel.
• Fixed several bugs with Marauder Pirates not being able to steal dropped containers from their targets.
• Fixed several cases resulting in ships getting stuck when following other ships out-of-sector.
• Fixed missing command info for mining drones and for transport drones picking up ware containers.
• Fixed stations complaining when player destroys an ownerless ship.
• Fixed broken game controls after interacting with a trade offer while controlling a drone.
• Fixed rare cases where objects showed incorrect outlines.
• Fixed encyclopedia display of maximum speed for capital ships.
• Fixed player ship sometimes jumping positions when changing zones while flying on autopilot.
• Fixed engine ambient sound volume and pitch not working correctly during autopilot.
• Fixed autopilot stopping when following a ship that changes zones.
• Fixed autopilot continuing when entering a remote-controlled drone.
• Fixed remote controlled missiles not moving while entry animation is running.
• Fixed AI roll rotation in several flight behaviours.
• Fixed event monitor hints overlapping the "Press F" text on the HUD eventmonitor.
• Fixed capital ships boosting backwards or sideways.
• Fixed broken aim indicator when controlling a drone.
• Fixed station owned in Empire Builder not being able to replace Construction Vessel.
• Fixed plot Construction Vessels being boardable.
• Fixed station managers losing their account when involved in ware exchange trades.
• Fixed ships on autopilot sometimes not accelerating to full speed (e.g. when player ship leaves a highway).
• Fixed player ship getting stuck at the exit of a highway if a menu is open.
• Fixed being able to shoot dumbfire missiles backwards in external view.
• Fixed broken jumpdrive not allowing refuel order to be given (still not allowed if jumping required to refuel).
• Fixed garbled text on target elements in Russian localisation.
• Fixed accumulating highway ad signs.
• Fixed calculation error with recommended budget resulting in value sometimes being too high.
• Fixed incorrect flight orientation on AI drones and Xenon fighters.
• Fixed wrong rotation on the mining movement of medium miners.
• Fixed player ship auto-roll when menus are open and the auto-roll option is off.
• Fixed capital ships flying too slowly or getting stuck when avoiding other ships.
• Fixed certain ships not being able to pick up collectables.
• Fixed dark or black loading screen when pressing ESC quickly after starting a new game.
• Fixed player being able to click on invisible UI elements, such as while HUD not displayed.
• Fixed several missions not cleaning up properly.
• Fixed traders having too much scrap metal.
• Fixed hack panel missions telling the player to return to ship when docked.
• Fixed problems with the player auto pilot going through jump gates.
• Fixed tumbling highway ships when the player exits highway.
• Fixed production resource consumption not being calculated correctly in rare cases.
• Fixed double "Cr" in logbook messages for money transfer for Fuel Cells.
• Fixed issue where a 'static' effect remained over the event monitor during the plot.
• Fixed Particle Repeater weapons building up heat slower at higher framerates.
• Fixed player ship not being able to enter highways with an open menu.
• Fixed rare case of missing highway/gate/ship group target elements after starting/loading a game.
• Fixed rare case of non-working input controls after starting/loading a game.
• Fixed interact menu not always being on top of other target elements when using mouse/gamepad controls.
• Fixed current target not always on top of all other target elements.
• Fixed target elements not always on top of other target elements which are further away.
• Fixed rare cases of clicking on a target element actually targeting another object.
• Fixed target elements jumping when interacting with it while controlling a drone.
• Fixed rare cases of crosshair showing weird animations.
• Fixed rare cases of UI issues when switching to/from external and/or drone view.
• Fixed cases where weapon panels showed startup animation in cases other than entering the ship.
• Fixed various trade price discrepancies in menus due to incorrect rounding.
• Fixed game over not showing player ship explosion sound or visual effects.
• Fixed game starting in non-default full-screen resolution when running it for the first time.
• Fixed voice samples for several encyclopedia entries in German localisation.
• Fixed excessive marine loss when attack strength slightly higher than defence strength.
• Fixed Transfer Wares order not working between small/medium ships and Construction Vessels.
• Fixed very rare cases where target elements were missing or being displayed when they shouldn't be.
• Fixed double sound effects in certain menus.
• Fixed ship capture chance ignoring hull state.
• Fixed several cases of small ships stuck and not following other ships into Highways.
• Fixed line selection in sector map with many zones.
• Fixed hitting a destroyed lock on a lockbox blowing up the lockbox.
• Fixed some cases of drones flying far away before docking on their launchpads.
• Fixed loading of buy/sell configuration for trade wares from savegame.
• Fixed case of production not progressing to next possible item if current item is blocked.
• Fixed partial wrecking of certain ships.
• Fixed blending at screen edges with FXAA.
• Fixed cases of ships fleeing while docking or executing trades.
• Fixed target loss and failure to target in certain cases.
• Fixed ships being able to rotate with all engines destroyed.
• Fixed stuck ships at highway entrances.
• Fixed problems with station supply delivery.
• Fixed several cases of small and capital escort ships not shooting or being stuck.
• Fixed several cases of capital ships not boosting when flying between zones.
• Fixed capital ship navigation issues due to bad alignment to the boosting orientation.
• Fixed cases where ships cross jump gates and only use them after turning back.
• Fixed some cases of capital ships not defending themselves when being attacked.
• Fixed some cases of mining ships not collecting tagged asteroids on Mining mode.
• Fixed hacked ships still being able to use their jump drive.
• Fixed issue with activating auto pilot from a menu while near a large object.
• Fixed pre-selected line in menus not being on-screen in all situations.
• Fixed mouse steering being active initially when starting a game in some cases.
• Fixed text overlapping mission objective bar.
• Fixed muffled exterior sounds after loading a savegame while on a platform without quitting to main menu.
• Fixed some zones not being visible from inside nearby highway.
• Fixed visibility range of huge asteroid in Verdant Profit.
• Fixed external camera view on mass traffic ships aborting when zooming out too far.
• Fixed external target view being zoomed out far too much on some ships.
• Fixed cockpit camera movement not working directly after loading a savegame.
• Fixed obstructed target elements when docked at Teladi capital ships.
• Fixed several issues with mission guidance involving highways.
• Fixed stations not always being connected to each other with mass traffic if there is more than one highway nearby.
• Fixed case where having the auto pilot follow a jumping capital ship could make the player end up in an invalid position.
• Fixed engines on small ship wrecks sometimes appearing not to be wrecked even though they are wrecked and do not function.
• Fixed relative movement when entering the Skunk's back room.
• Fixed equip drone/missile trades not updating when scheduled.
• Fixed rounding issue in trade price display.
• Fixed ships assigned to a commander not working after receiving a new Captain.
• Fixed upkeep missions to transfer credits not completing if the wanted amount was reduced.
• Fixed Game Paused message text not being centered.
• Fixed throttle feedback sound being played when pressing "full stop" key while in a menu.
• Fixed menu crash when viewing certain modules of R&D Chem Labs in the encyclopedia.
• Fixed incorrect throttle setting when returning from the Skunk's back room while being dragged along by a capital ship.
• Fixed trade ships remaining passive when new planned trips are added while undocking after last planned trip.
• Fixed erratic autopilot movement when flying near station's surface elements.
• Fixed 'Withdraw from Battle' order not properly working in some situations.
• Fixed several cases of lost combat drones launched from capital ships.
• Fixed player owned escort capital ships having wrong behaviour when their commander's captain is replaced.
• Fixed rare cases of ships teleporting after giving new fly orders if they were moving previously.
• Fixed some cases of area damage not working correctly.
• Fixed follow behavior for squad ships, where occasionally bumped the Skunk.
• Fixed builder ships not being able to receive wares from stations in high attention.
• Fixed transport drones taking too much time to reach their destination.
• Fixed rare cases of incorrectly positioned elements in menus.
• Fixed cases where no mission target was displayed.
• Fixed crosshair not showing mission target arrow.
• Fixed targeting issues in gamepad mode.
• Fixed several issues with event monitor during campaign.
• Fixed too frequent "Incoming missile" warnings.
• Fixed various cases of ships and other objects that moved too far away from any known zones.
• Fixed issues with certain savegames taking an excessively long time to load.
• Fixed collision avoidance being active when controlling a torpedo.
• Fixed ships becoming invisible, especially during escort missions.
• Fixed boarded capital ship escorts continuing to escort after boarding.
• Fixed object menu layout with NPC subordinate ships.
• Fixed missing text for Onil engine.
• [TTO] Fixed playership being immovable on first game start in very rare situations.
• [TTO] Fixed some navigation issues with NPC ships flying to Albion gate in Fields of Opportunity.
• Fixed game freezing when quitting the game with Alt+F4 while in loading screen.
• Fixed startup issues with corrupted or incorrect DLLs in Windows system directory.
• Fixed several small memory leaks.
• Several more small performance and memory optimisations.
• Fixed more causes of crashes.

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