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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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Patch 4.27

Author: Administrator Date: 23.12.16 System:

This update has a bunch of modding improvements, mainly raising some modding limits so that more modded nations can be enabled at once. The new version has been tested with the help of nationgen and a mod creating 75 random nations works fine now. There are also the usual general improvements and bug fixes as well as some tweaks to the AI.

Domes and some other enchantments are no longer visible in battles
Communion single target spells didn't affect non commander slaves
Strength enchantment bonus from some spells now printed in stats
Battle log fix for protective force
Therodos Kourete didn't spawn under ally's control
Stream of Life now causes internal damage
Faster setting up start positions for games with huge number of players
Slothpower didn't work correctly
Description fixes
Event fixes
Stat fixes

AI don't cast sea globals when there are too few sea provinces
Spell AI improvements

Increased max number of descriptions with about 2000
Increased max number of events 4000 -> 5000
Increased max number of magic abilities with 2000
Max nation number increased 199 -> 249
Mod parsing no longer sees e.g. #berserker as #bers
#clearrec also clears all terrain dependent recruitment for a nation
New commands #landrec and #landcom for recruitment in all overwater forts for uw-nations

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