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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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Patch 4.03

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

Version 4.03 (Cave Patch)

This patch focuses on caves. Agartha has got many improvements like new units, pretender gods, national spells, heroes, unique names and improved income from cave provinces. Early Agartha has now also got the means to open the seals they guard with a new ritual and release whatever horrors are within. Caves on random maps will now sometimes be cave forests which provides more income than ordinary caves. There are also some new spells to summon cave monsters that can only be cast in caves.

Major changes to Agartha in all three ages (details at the end)
Extra income/resources in caves for some nations
Rebalancing for summoning spells
Typos fixed
Descriptions updated
New magic item: Storm Spool
Some battle sound effects where not affected by volume setting
Swallower could try to chase after already swallowed units
Ether Gate raises magic level
Ermor can buy 1 defence in pop 0 provinces now
Random event fixes
Dementia got cured when removing items
Fix for units with missile weapons in wrong order and a lost arm
Random caves did not get cave names, fixed
Blood sacrifices by disciples did not work properly
Medallion of vengeance improved
Spells that required a second path were not greyed out properly
No snow/rain in caves
New cave critters
New cave indeps
Indep Abysians (lava-born)
Undead cannot bleed
www.draam.com in Credits
Tough monsters would stay behind troops instead of attacking, fixed.
--quiet now prints less
Secondshape don't heal afflictions
Global event darkness works now
Improved pluralisation of unit names
--newgame for scripts that want to create new games
Innate spellcasters didn't always cast their spells
New graphics for Weapons of Sharpness
Nation restrictions persited after cancelling out of a scenario
Horrors that refuse to rout do not get -4 to att/def
Truly ethereal beings could be invisible
Bubbles in non deep water were incorrect
Never shape change into forms that drown
New terrains: Cave forests and cave seas with proper looks
Could start network game with disciples without a team
It was possible to fire rear by using shortcuts
Rectangular maps were cut off in map preview.
Network bug after you had lost and reconnected fixed
Print battle message when units flee off the battlefield
Some afflictions were not printed correctly
New god title
Commanders with priest magic are now always considered sacred
Max 50% damage in limbs now takes modified max HP into account.
Units fleeing from random events disappeared form world
Limited recruitment of 2+ different unit types at once didn't work
Mid R'lyeh can now recruit Hybrid Commander in coastal forts
New spell: Unleash Imprisoned Ones
New spells: Bind Penumbral, Summon Penumbrals, Summon Umbrals, Olm Conclave
New spells: Hall of Statues, Revive Cavern Wights
New spells: Living Mercury, Nightmare Construction, Animate Mercury
New cave spells: Summon Cave Cows, Summon Cave Crab, Summon Cave Grubs, Hidden Underneath
About 35 new units and monsters, mostly related to caves and Agartha.

Fix for reanimation
AI bid for mercs was incorrect, fixed
AI recruitment priorities improved
Improved AI spell targeting
AI will recruit more spies

Fixes for BigBlackPeaks
Fixed missing connection on Frosted Lands
Map command #nonamefilter didn't work
Removed preset province names on Valanis map
Black text color for Valanis map
Fixed battle look for floating islands on Valanis map
--rugedness, to set random map rugedness from command line
Maps with #defence >100 would crash, fixed
Cave forests on random maps
Bunch of random maps now uses rugedness setting too
More names for plain and forest provinces

New monster mod commands: #indepmove, #cleanshape, #reanimator, #defector, #nohof
New monster mod commands: #reqlab, #reqtemple
Pink shadow when highligting modded units fixed
Modding: #cold... commands didn't work
Game could crash when adding names to a new nametype
Modding: Master Smith value can be negative
Modding: makemonsters work with negative values too
New mod nations could not be selected for network play
Scoregraphs for new mod nations could not be hidden
New monster and item mod commands: #deathfire, #deathparalyze
Mod banners placed at the right edge of widescreen displays too
New mod commands #deserter, #horrordeserter
It was possible to make the game freeze with incorrect shape modding commands

Changes to EA Agartha
- Earth Made Flesh
- Pillar
- Ancient Wet Ones
- Olm Sage (in caves and womb of earth)
- Great Olm (in caves and womb of earth)
- Members of the Closed Council x3 (death, forests, water)
- Deepthought descr
Sites: (a one time event should add the new sites in ongoing games)
- Womb of the Earth
- Release Imprisoned Ones.
- Barathrus & Rhuax needs site: Roots of the Earth.
- Living Mercury
- Cavern Wights (EA - no magic weapons) - altered cost and available EA
- Penumbral
- Umbral

Changes to MA Agartha
- Earth Made Flesh
- Pillar
- Defender of the Halls
- Shard Guard
- Ancient One +1 att, +1def, throw rocks, descr fix, better armor, standard +1
- Ancient Lord +1 att (IIRC)
Sites: (a one time event should add the new sites in ongoing games)
- Halls of Oracles no longer gives gems
- Roots of the Earth
- Broken Seal
- Attentive statues, sentinels lvl and cost
- Olm Conclave
- Umbral more efficient
- Penumbral more efficient
- Living Mercury
- Shard Wights - replaces cavern wights in MA and LA
- Hall of Statues (many sentinels)

Changes to LA Agartha
- Pillar
- Master Alchemist
- Alchemists
- Sappers throw cave fire
- Blindlord ldr
- Master of Alchemical Secrets
- Nightmare Reanimation
- Shard Wights
- Halls of the Dead
- Penumbral and Umbral efficient (like in MA)
- Iron Ancestor spell cost and unit statfix
- Iron corpse spell cost and numbers
- Nationrestricted Barrel of Mercury

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