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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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Patch 4.04

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

This patch fixes a whole bunch of bugs and also improves the performance and reliability of very large games. A Wait command has also been added to remove a commander from the 'n' (next commander) cycle.

Message for assassination failed due to no commanders
Memory overwrite during merc creation fixed (could affect research on Mac).
Rivers and mountain passes are taken into account for team clustering
Reanimatied units etc are now put in garrison if the reanimator doesn't already command units.
Experience bonus for HP and Enc shown in details
Banefire strike was a fire attack
Many huge skirmish squads could lead to a "no space left on bg" crash.
New order 'wait' to be removed from 'n' cycle
New shortcut 'J' for seduce
Changed shortcut 'Q' for capture slaves and 'W' for wait
Event fixes
Many typos fixed
Dominion no longer shown when browsing disciples
Orania map fixes
Imprisoned was not printed in "View Created Pretenders"
Ermor could spawn Lictors that drowned.
Siege progress report was incorrect for castles with extra buildings.
Healers no longer affect inanimates
Make sure units never start with bleeding
Fixed increasing popup on spell info page
Slow aging and affliction removal from Gift of Health didn't work on allies.
Lawgiver (feathered serpent form) had wrong path cost.
Improved cd key violation message
It was not possible to strike ethereal units inside walls.
Arcane Nexus didn't work if it was the first global.
Area effect from Unquenched Sword didn't work.
It was possible to attack across unfrozen rivers sometimes
--verify will also work for modded nation now
Astral mages no longer cuts off cords from allies
Swamp survival from boots didn't help against Quagmire
Global overpopulation can affect commanders too
It was not possible to inspect commanders near the end of the global limit
Disbelieve was broken
Fixed missing connection on frostlands map
Fixed map error in Glory multiplayer
An event could incorrectly bring zero gems
Mindless units did not get any castle defence penalty
About 25% faster host time when there are no or few battles
Maximum amount of messages increased, should fix missing scout reports
Bodyguards could disappear after assassination
Weakness was never cast
Vengeance of the Dead didn't work
Djinn now looks correct
Maximum number of commanders slightly increased 9900 -> 9990

AI performance improvement
AI players less likely to have a very low dominion score
Some AI tweaks
AI players could recall imprisoned gods
AI processing uses multiple cpus by default on Linux and Mac

More summoning rituals support montag
New nation mod command #uwbuild
Item mod commands called #spr... didn't work

Added raspberry pi build
Uses link time optimization for a little extra performance

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