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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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Patch 4.23

Author: Administrator Date: 23.02.16 System:

New monsters for early R'lyeh: Grandmother, Androleth, Androdai, Abodai
New ritual for Aboleths: Mind Vessel
Turn limit for arrival of the more powerful heroes
Event fixes & new events
UW units for MA/LA Xibalba and LA Mictlan
Fort PD for MA/LA Xibalba and LA Mictlan
Slaves now have halved upkeep
Fix for incorrect seduction message
Remove floating text when exiting battle replay
Description for Favored of Enki
Solar Brilliance cannot be cast in caves
Cursed items changed width of magic item treasury
Changed temple picture for Ur
Rebate for shape shifter gods wasn't shown correctly
Gorgon can no longer petrify stone beings
g can now be used instead of # for goto province number
Foul Vapors got wrong enchantment icon in battle
Fixed host crash involving Strands of Arcane Power
File handle cleanup
Fix for potential battle inconsistency with Vafur Flames
Another potential battle inconsistency fixed
Therodos popkill lowered
Therodos spectres increased/decreased with death/growth
Therodos slight increase in freespawn spectres
Therodos reduction in freespawn sacreds
Ephor cost 8 -> 7
Therodian Philosopher cost 8 -> 11
Morale malus from dominion does not affect undead
Ermor and Lemuria morale malus
Dancers size 2 -> 3
Korybantes recruited in couples (limit 2)
Korybantes descr changed
Polypal spawn could not deal damage at all. Got new tiny tentacle with dmg 1.
More bronze weapon stat fixes
Less iron equipment on underwater troops
Memory cleanup after using lists
Make sure incorporate cannot give negative effects
Fix potentially weird host bug
More responsive random map creation
Typos and stat fixes

Map Editor
Insert/remove province didn't move along names and special borders

Smaller icon for pulseaudio

Better cleanup after mods
Some commands take 64-bit values
No more 'pointless ...fx' after setting an ability to zero
First/secondshape can now use negative montag values
New weapon commands: #natural, #internal
New spell commands: #nogeosrc, #onlyatsite, #notfornation, #farsumcom
New monster commands: #slothpower, #mindslime
New item commands: #sneakunit, #mindslime
New nation command: #killcappop
New event mod command: #transform

Details for new Mod Commands

#farsumcom "monster name" | [monster nbr]
(sets the commander for farsummoned units to somthing other than the normal units)

#notfornation [nation nbr]
(restricts a spell so that it cannot be used by this nation)

#transform "monster name" | [monster nbr]
(transforms commander determined by target requirements into another type of monster)

#slothpower [nbr]
(becomes more powerful in sloth dominion)

#mindslime [area]
(grants the mindslime ability)

#sneakunit [stealth value]
(this item will grant stealth to nonstealthy units)

(natural weapons are not affected by flaming arrows and weapon blesses)

(internal damage hits inside the body and cannot be negated by effects like mirror image, mist form, mossbody, etc)

#nogeosrc [terrain mask]
(spell cannot be cast from any of these terrains)

#onlyatsite "site name" | [site nbr]
(ritual can only be cast in a province with this site)

#killcappop [percent]
(kills a percentage of the capital's population when the game starts. Value can be negative to increase population instead)
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