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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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Patch 4.25

Author: Administrator Date: 14.06.16 System:


  • New nation: Ys (middle ages)
  • Performance improvement for battles
  • Viewing enormous battles could crash the game
  • Fixed graphical glitches for enormous battles
  • Can now delete old network connections with Del
  • Number of old network connections saved increased, 6 -> 8
  • Typos fixed
  • Event fixes
  • Stat and description fixes
  • Balance changes, many units have tweaked costs or stats
  • Master Smith info printed on magic items
  • Age 10 years after Bind Demon Lord didn't work
  • Casters will spread out Encase in Ice more
  • Therodos dominion now creates ghosts for disciple forts as well
  • Ermor/Lemuria random gods starts with sloth 3
  • Mindless are not affected by feeblemind
  • Mindless cannot get feeblemind/dementia from ordinary means
  • Mind Hunt & Astral Projection cannot be cast by mindless
  • Split Teleport icon into Teleport/Blink


  • Fix for reading 64-bit values from mods on Mac OSX
  • Master ritualist fixes
  • #twohanded should work now
  • Modding nametypes cleared Oceania names
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