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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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Illwinter Game Design
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Patch 4.26

Author: Administrator Date: 29.07.16 System:

This is mostly an AI & UI patch. Most of the work has gone into improving the late game behavior of the AI. It should now be able to utilize its resources more efficiently and be more likely to get to a position where it can cast high level rituals. There has also been some improvements to the user interface, like more 'goto province' buttons on messages, shift click support in more places and more keyboard shortcuts.

God & nation popup in global enchantment screen
Darkvision from throne bless was counted twice
Fixed some bonuses when viewing att/def details
Goto province for scout attacked messages
Goto province for more ritual messages
ctrl+s to view saved orders (army setup screen)
Message for fort construction completed
Shift transfers 5 gems at a time
Keyboard shortcuts f/a/w/e/... to transfer gems to commander
Gem transfer box can be closed by Return as well
Shift changes PD 5 steps at a time
+/- can also be used to change PD
Ice Strike now causes slashing damage
Transformation & feeblemind/mindless fix
Strands of Arcane Power cannot be cast by mindless casters
Blind & losteye fix
Stat & cost fixes
Typos fixed

Be less willing to do suicidal attacks
Recruitment improvements
Learned to cast a few more type of rituals
Forge item choice improvements
Improved magic item distribution
Dedicated ritualist for improved high level ritual casting
Empowerment tweaks
Improved preaching behavior
Spell AI no longer targets destruction/rust at units with only natural protection

Multiple same type of event effects didn't work
Removed false warning for #flagland

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