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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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Illwinter Game Design
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Patch 4.30

Author: Administrator Date: 29.05.17 System:

This update comes with bug fixes for drowning immortals and network servers as well as improvements to modding.

Drowning will now trigger immortality and similar effects
Stale connections were not reclaimed during Waiting for Participants, could result in waiting forever to connect.
2 friendly currents will now cancel each other out
Cheat check for non researched rituals & forging
Autohealer will now result in high pretender cost
Protection of Geryon immune to forge rebates
nohomelandnames resulted in too much population in Ermor
More mobile friendly status page for network games
Set correct home province for far summoned commanders
Impassable borders no longer counted for start locations
Bug fix for melee range weapon aiming
Improved weapon info
Metal armor fixes
Stat fixes
Event fixes

Execute mods before browsing pretenders
New monster mod commands: #nowish, #springshape (x4)
New monster/item mod command: #addupkeep
New monster mod commands: #almostundead, #almostliving
Create temporary units in their correct shape
Fix for temp summonings with montags
Show icon for negative mastersmith ability too

Linux / Mac OSX
Flush gl queue before forking

Details for new mod commands

    (this monster cannot be wished for)
    #springshape  | "monster name"
    #summershape  | "monster name"
    #autumnshape  | "monster name"
    #wintershape  | "monster name"
    (changes into another monster when this season is active)
    (upkeep will be calculated as if the unit cost this much more to recruit)
    (unit will require undead leadership to lead)
    (unit will not require undead leadership to lead, even if undead. This command must come after the undead command.)
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