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King's Bounty: Warriors of the North - Ice and Fire

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Patch 21/02/2014

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

1. Fixed dialog with the Owls. Error that allowed adding owls without active quest fixed (requires restart).
2. Error that prevented gaining additional Runes for the creatures’ experience fixed.
3. Hypnotized creatures that received bonuses from Empathy effect no longer gain that bonus after they have returned to their army.
4. Error message while Miners’ attacks fixed.
5. Druids’ description fixed.
6. Scalds get XP for using their talents Paean and Evil Taunt.
7. King’s griffons get XP for using the talent Heavenly Guard.
8. Descriptions for Robbers and Marauders corrected.
9. Steadfast Norse wrongly decreased the duration of some positive effects for players’ creatures
10. Empathy talent duration even after the Mystics exit trance corrected.
11. Corrected misprints in the Armor characteristics for some creatures.
12. Witch Hunters’ talent Magic Block fixed – damage to the squad wasn’t inflicted while using non-combat talents.
13. Some items’ descriptions corrected.
14. Pyromages’ talent Fire Shield now correctely increases fire resistance of the affected squad.
15. Description of Ogre's Rage effect corrected.
16. Fixed incrorrect battlelog message that some squad gain energy instead of Contemplators.
17. Fixed the situation when player was unable to collect some resources in Arlania because of blocked path (restart required).
18. Jarls now gains XP for using the talent Call to Battle.
19. Duplicated talent Sowing of the Thorn-Hunters fixed.
20. The medal Favorite of the Valkyries now correctly increases damage of all rage abilities.
21. Yew bow item now gives correct bonuses to Avengers and Scouts.
22. Corrected additional damage for Contemplators when they accumulated enough energy. Conditions to activate enhanced effects for the talents decreased.
23. Improved pathfinding on the docks in the Ice Gardens.
24. Error that caused game crash during the turn of the AI-controlled Advisors fixed.
25. Effects applied to Celestial Guards are removed correctly.
26. A correct message appears when Snow Falcon trying to use their talent Ice Explosion (and there are no Ice Spikes on the battlefield).
27. Giant Birth scroll will summon Ancient Ents instead of regular ones.
28. It is easier to navigate in upper Demonis now.
29. Quest 'Stone statue' can be completed in a different order now.
30. Additional battle arenas were added to Ice Gardens.
31. 'Monster Hunting' quest corrected (requires restart).
32. Getting medal Favorite of the Valkyries will no longer insantly grant 4th or 5th level of it.
33. Units will no longer erroneously skip a turn after a rage ability activation (for example, Mista's Lightning Ball).
34. Defeating Masks in a certain quest will no longer give player too much gold.
35. An item Chalice of Tears now grants hitpoints bonus to Mystics correctly.
36. Price of Rune Mage bought via item Mysterious Parcel was corrected.
37. Blind Rage medal requirements were lowered.
38. MContemplators and Rune Mages can now target and damage static objects by their abilities Vector and Destruction.
39. Rune Mages and Snow Falcons now receive correct bonuses from valkyre Regina.
40. Rune Mages will no longer receive healing bonus from earned experience.
41. Game crash caused by Catapults’ bomb explosion fixed.
42. Some Ork units have their Adrenalin parameters modifiers corrected.
43. Ogres can use their Throw ability on 5th level creatures now.
44. Simon Danziker dialog corrected (previously the dialog option about Ice Gardens disappeared upon completion of the missing sailor quest).
45. Frosty Stars item now grants defence bonus correctly.
46. Pyromages will no longer play their animation while recieving bonus from Fire Keeper ability after they were killed.
47. Miners will no longer receive additional turn after a successful attack under Drunken effect.
48. Rezo will not have a certain dialog option about Marshan Swamp too early in the game.

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