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X3: Albion Prelude

Also known as:
X³: Albion Prelude
Deep Silver
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Patch 3.1

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

The year is 2013 A.D. The DevNet and Egosoft developers are now entirely working towards the release of X Rebirth. Well, not entirely... One small group of dedicated DevNet volunteers are spending their spare time to improve X3AP. And life is not easy for the few remaining bugs.

In X3AP 3.1 several problems with the Shady Business and Corporation Troubles Plots from Update 3.0 have now been fixed. Also thanks to our DevNet translators the complete French and Chinese translations of the Update 3.0 texts as well the Spanish translation of the Shady Business Plot texts can be provided with this update. A big thank you goes to the translators of the x3tc.ru community, who provided the missing Russian texts.

New Features and Improvements:
- Crash dumps are generated on game crashes
- Updated Chinese, French and Russian localisation files with 3.0 texts
- Updated Spanish localisation files with Shady Business plot texts

- Fixed station invincibility bug
- Fixed joystick not working after Alt+Tab
- Fixed crash in mods when missiles are fired from docked ships
- Several fixes in Corporation Troubles mission:
-- Fixed Talk to <invalid> offer after plot has ended
-- Fixed problem with vanishing mission offer
-- Fixed case where Sergeant to talk to was an "Unknown Object"
-- In the same mission, fixed ability to employ pirate services
- Fixed comm menu issue in Shady Business plot
- Fixed issue with Russian voice samples
- Various text corrections

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    • Date: 02.12.2015

      Thanks for the patch!