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The Sims 4

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Electronic Arts
Release date:
02.09.2014 (US)
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Patch 1.20.60

Author: Administrator Date: 14.07.16 System:

General Issues…

  • We fixed an issue that left our elders looking a bit more daw… er…ly morning of the dead than we wanted them to be… their age lines were quite pronounced. Elders should look less zombie and more walking alive.
  • The Days Until Age Up information in the Simology panel will now display no matter where you hover over the age bar.
    • Left side… right side… slightly off center... the Sims’ days are always numbered.
      • Do you think the Sim knows about their age countdown?
        • Do you think it’s Logans Run’esque, Terminator 2’ish, or maybe Paycheck’ian...
          • …not that anyone should reference Paycheck. But you know what, I liked Paycheck. There, I said it, and now you know.
  • "Eat" will no longer be called "Eat and Learn Experimental Food" on foods that are not experimental foods.
    • Also… quotations used "incorrectly" have been known to cause "confusion" and lead to the belief that "what the writer is writing" is intended sarcastically.
  • We fixed an issue with some assets that were incorrectly tagged as masculine or feminine, or that had their tags forgotten altogether. Specifically:
    • ymhair_Sp05LongFront is now tagged as masculine
    • ymTop_SP05Basic is now tagged as masculine
    • yfAcc_EarScoop is now tagged as feminine
    • yfBottom_EF10SwimBikiniMetalFront is now tagged as feminine
  • We fixed an issue that prevented Sims from being able to hire a mixologist to tend bar.
    • They are back, they are mixing…
    • …‘ologist’ refers to a person who studies or has knowledge of a particular kind of science.
      • And as much as I hoped… a tribologist does not actually study tribbles.


Spa Day…

  • Mud bathing Sims will no longer appear with random face paints.


Dine Out…

  • The hair ym_GP03SlickBackWavy will no longer have a bald spot on the back.
    • Implants are complete, all hair is 100% natural… no chemicals or artificial sweeteners have been added.
  • Net profit information will no longer improperly display when opening the View Last Finances report in your restaurant menu.
    • We fixed an issue that was causing the totals to add incorrectly each time the dialog was viewed.
  • We addressed an issue (Hello issue) that could cause restaurant advertising to have little or no effect upon the number of customers that would come to visit your establishment.


Get to Work…

  • We fixed an interface issue that made it appear retail stores would remain open when the Sim left the lot.
  • Patients should no longer reset when their doctor attempts to examine them or take their temperature.
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